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Wake up and breathe the playful joy of the city and start your day with a delicious breakfast, then discover the most amazing neighbourhoods, beaches, monuments, bars and the most wonderful people, all in the contagious samba rhythm. Bem-vindo, you are in Rio de Janeiro! A city that will seduce you with its carefree spirit, color and passion.


Rio de Janeiro is like a painting int the strongest colors, it’s an explosion of sensations, an unconventional path that we challenge you to live in one single day.

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06:20: Are you still sleeping? Take a deep breath because you have things to do, people to see, flavours to discover!

image by Porto Bay Trade on flickr

07.20: Have a typical breakfast in Rio

Start with an injection of vitamins contained in the delicious fresh kiwis, papaya, banana, pineapple and peaches. To awaken your energy, don’t forget to ask for a strong cup of coffee and a hearty slice of bread.

09.00: Visit the Santa Teresa neighbourhood

Start your day trip in the north of Rio, in a neighbourhood that’s colorful, bohemian and unconventional. In Santa Teresa you can admire the noble, decaying buildings and the stunning views of the city and the cathedral from above. Wander the streets up to the famous stairs painted by the eccentric artist Selaron. If you’re lucky, you can meet the artist himself, sitting next to his work.

11.45: Take a walk on Praia Botafogo

It’s time to move south for a relaxing morning walk on the beach of Botafogo, located in Guanabara Bay, looking towards the Sugar Loaf. A strip of sand perfect for water sports thanks to its waves, where the Cariocas come from all parts of the city to play football, chatting and watching shows outdoors.

13.00: Have lunch at Cobal do Humaitá

Did the seawater make you hungry already? We know the perfect place for lunch! The Cobal do Humaitá (in the district of Humaitá, between Botafogo, Lagoa and Jardim Botânico) is an old train depot converted into a fruits and vegetables market, where today’s young people meet to drink and eat in small bars and restaurants. For lunch you can choose whatever you like and as much as you want to eat from a buffet with vegetables, meat, fish, fruit and even desert. You will pay for your food depending on how much your plate weights.

image by Cyro A. Silva on flickr

14.00: Visit the Botanic Gardens

If you are fond of plants and animals, this is the place for you. The Botanic Garden is a green area of ​​137 hectares of indigenous plant species, such as nutmeg, cinnamon and pepper. In all, it is a well guarded treasure that includes over 9,000 plant species, 300 species of palm trees and birds.

16.00: Sightsee in a helicopter

Christ the Redeemer, one of the 7 wonders of the world, the Forest do Corcovado, the Sugar Loaf, the sea, the immense streets and alleys smaller … Rio is beautiful, but it seems magical if you look at it from above. Fasten your seatbelts, we’re starting our helicopter tour in Lagoa.

18.30: Relax at the Ipanema beach

Copacabana, Ipanema and Leblon beaches are not only beautiful, but also animated places where the Cariocas meet to play sports in the morning or to meet with friends in the afternoon. Drink a beer (“geladinha”), a caipirinha or the milk of a fresh coconut, eat some shrimp skewers with cheese. Can you imagine being more relaxed? And if you want a song for the occasion … listen to the “Chica de Ipanema”!

19:35: Watch the sunset from the Arpoador promontory

image by rrtaddei on flickr

Arpoador is only a few steps away from the beach of Copacabana and Ipanema. The ocean view is idyllic and the atmosphere at sunset, when the sky dresses up in pastel colors, is dream-like. It’s also one of the best surf beaches in Rio!

20:35: Have a drink at Lapa

Lapa is the neighbourhood with the most intense nightlife where Brazilians and tourists mingle. Full of “botecos” (places), cachaçerías (places where drinking cachaça) and small stages for dancing the samba (it is not a cliché, Brazilians love the samba!) people in this neighbourhood turn the night into day. The beer must be accompanied with fried dumplings made of meat, cheese, vegetables or pieces of salami. They’re delicious!

21:40: Have a Brazilian dinner in LAPA

Try the “comida de boteco”, a dinner in which you will sample small portions of meat, vegetables, legumes, such as com farofa feijão pack (bean salad), accompanied by grilled chicken. Lapa is an area characterized by a fascinating ethnic and cultural melting pot.

23:15: Have a midnight drink at the “Os Minheiros”

For the last drink of the day, we suggest going back to Santa Teresa. The Do Mineiro bar is the meeting place of the neighbourhood. The white tiles, toghether with the black and white photos of famous musicians and the shelves full of strange bottles create a special atmosphere.

People come here for a beer or a caipirinha at one of the tables (be prepared to wait, it is always crowded) and chat with everyone around. If you want to eat, choose the feijoada, the frango com quiabo (chicken with vegetables) or empanadas de Feijao!

So, should we take the next plane to Rio de Janeiro?

[youtube width=”600″ height=”344″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CSMIbwcIImg[/youtube]

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