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Do you want to spend your holidays in Catalonia? Which surroundings do you prefer, seaside or mountains? Do you want to travel light? Are you looking for a place where your children will feel comfortable and you can enjoy some time to yourself? You’ll find it all in Catalonia!

Catalonia Family HolidaysIn 2014 Catalonia celebrates the International Year of the Family. In other words, in addition to relishing in the Mediterranean lifestyle and climate, you can also take advantage of accommodation and restaurant discounts available for single-parents and large families, and even sign up for a myriad of family events that will delight the young and the old.

In Catalonia there are 15 family certified destinations (14 on the coast and 1 inland) that offer everything you need when you travel with your youngins: cots, changing units, children’s menus, monitors, libraries with children literature and beach clubs with entertainment facilities.

Pineda de mar, Catalonia

With over 580 km of coastline, Catalonia is the ideal summer destination. Whether you prefer swimming, sailing, sunbathing, visiting fishing villages and water parks, exploring the local culture and gastronomy or going on bike excursions, the options are endless!

Come and enjoy a holiday packed with entertainment – in Catalonia, you and your family will feel right at home!

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  1. Love this post “Family Travels” Very soon we will come with my children in Catalonia to spend holiday vacations. Thanks!

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