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The countdown to Halloween continues, only this time, we are just a few days away! Have you been thouroughly frightenend by ghost stories, horror movies and spooky sights? That is, after all, part of the fun of the holiday. We’ve been keeping the holiday spirit alive with incredible photo features of some of the world’s most hauntingly beautiful abandoned places. Haungtingly Beautiful Photos Of Abandoned Places Part One, was kicked off with abandoned locations including the ghost town of Beliche, Spain and our part two of the series featured the desolate Beelitz Hospital in Germany, among other eerie photographs. We are still in full swing of the Halloween spookiness and are introducing our final installment in the photo series. This time, we’re touring the abandoned grand Bokor Palace Hotel and Casino in Cambodia, a club ravashed by fire and many others. If you thought our previous installements were good, you will  love the final set!

Abandoned Olympic Pool in Berlin

Abandoned Pool
Photo: Keith Thorne via Flikr

Abandoned Baroque Theater

Abandoned Baroque Theater
Photo: David Van Bael via Flikr

Abandoned Factory in Milan, Italy

Abandoned Factory
Photo: dann o_O via Flikr

Destruction of Hurricane Katrina at an Amusement Park

Abandoned Roller Coaster
Photo: Keoni Cabral via Flikr

Abandoned Italian Villa

Abandoned Italian Villa
Photo: Aurélien Villette

Burned Down Club

Burned down club
Photo: LichtGespiele via Flikr

Abandoned Ducor Hotel Monrovia, Liberia, after the Civil War

Abandoned Ducor Hotel
Photo: Mark Fischer via Flikr

Abandoned Building in  Liverpool

Abandoned Building in Liverpool
Photo: Beverley Goodwin via Flikr

Tower of an Abandoned Cooling Plant in Brussels

Abandoned Cooling Plant
Photo: Matthias Haker

Abandoned Pripyat Hospital

Chernobyl Hospital
Photo: Michael Kötter

Abandoned Bokor Palace Hotel and Casino, Cambodia

Bokor Palace
Photo: Mark Roy via Flikr

Abandoned Guild Theater, Detroit

Abandoned Theater in Detroit
Photo: Bob Jagendorf via Flikr

Abandoned Hotel Igloo, Alaska

Abandoned Hotel Igloo
Photo: Doug Printz via Flikr

Abandoned Home and Garden

casa abandonada
Photo: Matt Madden & Kim Vallis

Abandoned School, Holley, New York

Abandoned School, New york
Photo: Larry Neuberger via Flikr

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