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You’ve already got the destination covered, as well as the dates and flights and the only thing missing is the accommodation. How do you select the perfect hotel?

Maybe you’d like to stay in a hotel close to tourist attractions or maybe you prefer to have good restaurants nearby – it all depends on the type of holidays you’re looking for.

Can you imagine being able to select an hotel based on your preferences such as sightseeing, eating, shopping or nightlife? Well, that’s exactly what the new heatmaps feature is able to provide!

How do heatmaps work?

This new feature shows the most popular areas divided in four categories – sightseeing, restaurants, shopping and nightlife – by using a specific color code in a thermal effect map.

heatmap hotel edreams
The red color indicates which is the most recommended location to meet your travel expectations.

By providing the information in this type of visual format it will be much easier to select an hotel based on your travel preferences.

heatmap edreams hotel

At the moment this feature is only available when displaying the search results for Flight + Hotel.

Try the new heatmaps feature by searching for a hotel and let us know what you think in the comments below!


One response to “How to select the best hotel? Use the new heatmaps feature

  1. Thanks you for this post,i read about i think different types heat map work for traveller.i suggest a map help a travel for hotel.

    It is a helpful to find a hotel information to travels.

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