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Oktoberfest is all about beer. Beer tasting, beer spilling, beer-drinking contests…

Or is it, really?

The foodies out there know that there’s nothing that makes you hungrier than a good party, so here’s the full food guide of Oktoberfest snacks, sausages, cheeses and desserts.

Remember, Oktoberfest 2015 dates are September 19 – October 4 in Munich, Germany so if you don’t already have your trip planned and booked it’s time to get on it for last minute flights to Munich!

So what food can we find at Munich’s Oktoberfest?

The Fish

image by nicebastard on flickr

Fish and, more specifically, herring, salmon and halibut, is a common treat around Oktoberfest. You will find it smoked, marinated and seasoned with different condiments.

One of the stars of the festival is the Steckerlfisch, or grilled fish on a stick. The fish, commonly mackerel, is marinated in a mix of garlic, spices and oil and grilled until it becomes crispy.

The Sausages

oktoberfest sausage
image by Mavis on flickr

If you’re vegetarian, forgive us for this sausage section and just scroll down really fast to get to the yummy vegetarian garnish section.

If it’s Germany and if it’s Oktoberfest, then it is definitely time for a wurst (sausage). You can try a Bratwurst, which is a sausage made of veal, pork and beef minced meat, or maybe a Weisswurst, a sausage made of minced veal meat and fresh bacon and flavoured with parsley, lemon, ginger and cardamom. And if these two aren’t convincing enough, you can always try a Pimmelwurst, a Brühwurst, or a Bierwurst.

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