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The Roasted Pork Knuckles

image by sanfamedia.com on flickr

If there’s one thing you can try and nothing else, then you must try the Schweinshaxe mit Sauerkraut, a roasted ham hock marinated in a mix of caraway seeds and garlic. The ham is roasted until the skin is crisp and it’s served with mustard, pickles and horseradish.

The green stuff

Now, after you pick your main course, add some carrot, radish, spinach and beans. Don’t forget to try the potatoes and the cabbage.

Say Käse!

german cheese
image by Goldhahn & Sampson on flickr

Germany is one of the countries with the greatest selection of dairy products, so if you’re going to the festival, you could try the Harzer Käse, a sour milk cheese flavoured with caraway and easily recognizable for its strong smell and flavour. Harzer cheese is either small and round or cylindrical. And if strong cheese is not your thing, you could try the Quark cheese; it is fresh, white, soft and uncured.

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