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Rome is a great and beautiful city, and without a doubt one of the most visited, photographed and filmed destinations in the world…

But behind the façade of the Coliseum and away from the “typical” Italian taverns with their red and white checkered tablecloths lies another Rome, an unconventional, energetic city that fights to defend its authentic identity.

You can start discovering the secrets of the Italian capital by seeing the Rome Fun Facts Video.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LRQRd4meKVM[/embedyt]

And if you want to venture off the beaten path and have a more genuine experience, we bring you 25 things you must do when in Rome (at least that’s what the locals say).

1. Visit the Protestant Cemetery in Testaccio, a poetic and melancholic place where you will find the graves of Gramsci, Shelley, Keats and many others.

testaccio cemetery

2. Discover Quartiere Coppedè, an unusual area in the district of Trieste where you can admire a mix of different architectural styles, from Ancient Greek to Art Nouveau.

3. During the weekend, explore the vintage markets of Rione Monti and stop at one of the cafes in the area to sample an aperitif.

4. If you enjoy live music, check out Circolo Degli Artisti (Circle of the Artists), one of Rome’s most popular venues.

5. Walk around the beautiful area of Testaccio and then visit the Macro Museum.

6. Stop for a coffee at one of the bars near Piazza Navona.

7. Savor brunch at Lanificio, a restaurant located in the city’s former industrial area.

8. Walk on the original tiles of Appia Antica.

9. Spend an afternoon in Villa Pamphili, one of the nicest parks in Rome. If you get hungry, try the bio cuisine at Cafè Bistrot.

10. Attend a football match at the Olympic Stadium.

11. Ask questions and listen to stories at the San Calisto bar in Trastevere.

12. Visit the shops of artisans on road Margutta.

13. “Spy” on St. Peter’s Basilica from the Orange Garden.

14. Spend some time walking around the fascinating Baths of Caracalla.

15. Head over to the food shops in the multi-ethnic neighborhood of Esquilino and discover a myriad of exotic spices.

16. Enjoy a plate of pasta alla carbonara or with cheese and pepper at one of the historic Roman taverns in town.

17. Discover San Lorenzo, one of Rome’s most active university districts.

18. Try the artichokes in the Jewish Quarter.

19. Go back in time at MÁS Magazzini.

20. Visit MAXXI, the center of contemporary art.

21. Get lost among the stalls of fresh fish, fruit and vegetable at the Triumphal market.

22. If you love good food, stopping at Eataly! is a must.

23. In summer you have to try the “grattachecca”, a typical Roman granita. Sora Maria makes some of the best granitas in town.

24. Cross the Bridge of Music, a structure designed by Calatrava.

25. Walk down Borgo Pio, behind Via della Conciliazione. This area is great if you’re looking for a place to eat.

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