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didac lee diving

Founder of the Inspirit group (Spamina, Zyncro, Addfleet, Hotelerum, Conzentra) and co-founder of Scubastore.com , Didac Lee (@DidacLee) describes himself as an entrepreneur by vocation and profession. His job consists of fighting adversities, taking risks and solving problems.

And then there’s Barça, his world Azulgrana, the football team that helped him make Catalonia his home.

Want to know more about Didac Lee? About his favourite destinations in the world? Or what he packs when he goes away? Which player from FC Barcelona he’d take with him on a desert island? Keep reading.

Do you like to travel?

I’m passionate about it. I am the CTO (Chief Travelling Officer) of my company. With Inspirit, we are present in a lot of different markets, which allows us to travel a lot. It’s a privilege, really.

What was the last trip you took that made you disconnect from the world?

That was last year in Sahara. I spent 10 days in the desert, completely disconnected from civilization. We were lucky enough to see the full moon in the best moment of the year, in a context of absolute silence and solitude. Apart from diving, one of my favourite activities is driving among the waves of sand of the desert. It’s an unique experience.

Do you remember you first trip ever?

My first trip alone was to England. I was 13 and I remember a mix of excitement and fear of the unknown. Moving around Heathrow for the first time ever was a big adventure at the time.

Before leaving this world, I would like to travel to the Moon

Is there any place in the world that you would call (and recommend) as your favourite?

I think every place in the world has its charm. The trick is knowing how to get to know it, how to enjoy it and give it the value it deserves. I love diving trips and I have a veeeery long wish list.

Name 3 places that you “have to” see before you die.

I would like to dive in María la Gorda (Cuba) and Los Roques (Venezuela). I would like to drive (quad) across Patagonia and I’d like to see the Moon. You have to aim high (he laughs).

A backpacking adventure or an all included trip?

Depends on the mood I am in and who I’m travelling with. Lately I’m booking the flight+hotel packs because it’s more comfortable, but once there I organize my activities ad hoc.

When you prepare a next trip do you make use of the new technologies?

You bet.

Your ideal trip would be by… plane, train or boat?

I must be Renfe’s best client ever because I am always moving from Figueres to Barcelona and from Barcelona to Madrid. I travel by plane when I can’t travel by train. I take a cruise ship if I travel with my family. I recently took a couple of trips with my parents and it was a great experience.

I would love to travel with either Katy Perry or Michael Jordan

Your best travel anecdote ever was…

When I met my best friend, by mistake, in Disneyland L.A.

Who would be your ideal travel mate?

If you let me choose, I would travel with Katy Perry or Michael Jordan.

What’s the object you never leave home when you travel?

My quad gloves and my diving suit.

Did you ever get lost while travelling?


My mobile is practically an extension of my body

The ideal hotel should have:

A big, comfortable bed and a pool.

They say we’re living hyper connected lives. Always online, always connected. Do you ever leave your mobile in your hotel room while travelling?

Never, my mobile is practically an extension of my body.

If you could recommend a restaurant to a friend…

I would say Tickets and Petit Bangkok in Barcelona and Shanghai, my parents’ restaurant in Figueres.

For Barça I am a travel guide, an interpreter, a salesman… whatever is needed. I’ll even wear a tie!

What could you eat again and again without ever getting tired of?

A lot of things: the patatas bravas in Can Tomàs from Sarrià (Barcelona), a Quarter Pounder in McDonalds, the anchovies from Escala, calçots and whatever my mother cooks.

In the last two years the low-cost airlines have become very popular. Do you use their services?

Of course.

Window seat, corridor or in the middle?

Always the corridor seat.

Do you listen to the explanations and suggestions of the flight attendants when you fly?

Depends on how pretty the flight attendant is, but In general I don’t (he laughs).

If you could export the  Spain brand how would you sell it to foreigners?

Hmm… no idea, really. But I would stay away from the bulls, the paella and the sangria. I think Spain is so rich in terms of culture, food, nature.

Have you ever travelled with the Red and Blues? Did you guide them like a true travel guide?

For Barça I am a travel guide, an interpreter, a salesman… whatever is needed. I’ll even wear a tie!

They send you to a desert island and you’re told you can only take one FC Barcelona player with you. Who would you pick?

It would be better if I could have picked from the women’s team, don’t you think? Jokes aside, any of them would be fine because they are great guys. If I could pick one, I would ask Pinto. We’re more or less the same age, he likes the same music as I do and he’s super fun to be with.

At last, if you get lost one day, where should we look for you?

Wherever there’s Internet access.

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