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If it’s also melting hot in your part of the world you might understand why swimming in secluded lakes and fresh, wild natural jacuzzis is all we’re thinking about lately.

A Live Interview, on Twitter

Tomorrow at 12 London time we’re discussing exactly that with the author of the Wild Swimming in France, Daniel Start. Daniel accepted our invitation to a live Twitter Interview (a Twitterview?) so we’ll get a chance to ask him who is wild swimming for, how does he finds these wild places and more.

You can also participate and ask Daniel your own questions about wild swimming, you just have to make sure to add the #twitterview hashtag to your @edreams_en message so we can see your replies in time. The most interesting question wins a copy of the book.

To see some photography from the book and the type of info it features check out our blogpost: 13 Wild Waterfalls You Could Swim In.

Stay tuned travellers.

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