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Normally when you think about New York City images like the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, Times Square, and the Brooklyn Bridge come to mind not raccoons and deer. But did you know that the Concrete Jungle isn’t just a skyscraper paradise, but is also a sanctuary for many animals that share the NYC parks with picknickers?

These are some of the critters that call the Big Apple home alongside 8.2 million + New Yorkers.


nyc raccoon
image by zemoufette on flickr

Gray Squirrel

nyc gray squirrel
image by LifeinMegapixels on flickr


nyc possum
image by Tires8 on flickr

Eastern Chipmunk

nyc eastern chipmunk
image by Numinosity (by Gary J Wood) on flickr


nyc muskrat
image by ap. on flickr

White-tailed Deer

nyc white tailed deer
image by TexasEagle on flickr


nyc coyote
image by orchidgalore on flickr

Eastern Cottontail

nyc eastern cottontail
image by TexasEagle on flickr

White-footed Mouse

nyc white footed mouse
image by J.N. Stuart on flickr

Want to do a bit of wildlife spotting on your own? Book your flights to NYC and check out the many beautiful parks the city has to offer like: Central Park, Flushing Meadows, Corona Park, Coney Island, Van Cortlandt Park, Clove Lakes Park, Battery Park, Astoria Park, Pelham Bay Park, Prospect Park, Riverside Park…

Source: NYC Parks

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