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A Visit to Honolulu

Discover the most famous city in the South Pacific. Package holidays in Honolulu can include visits to royal palaces, volcano hikes, surfing competitions, and world-class diving. There's so much to discover here, from insights into the cultural and spiritual life of the Hawaiians, to thronged alleyways overflowing with local cuisine. Wander the waterfront Waikiki district, discover former President Obama's roots and venture to Magic Island for more coastal adventures. Should the weather be rainy (it is always warm in Honolulu), dive under water, or into one of the city's art museums. And expect to eat well during your weekend in Honolulu, whether you're attending a luau or strolling the streets of Chinatown. Book a flight and hotel for Honolulu, the Hawaiian capital, where the turquoise ocean and ample local heritage form the picture of a dream holiday destination.

Before Booking City Breaks in Honolulu

It's easy to organise a flight to Honolulu, which will land at Daniel K. Inouye International Airport, more informally known as Honolulu Airport, and which is connected to the city centre by taxi, public bus, or shuttle. Flights from Dublin to Honolulu run regularly, as do flights from Cork to Honolulu. Hawaii is 11 hours behind the UK. English is the most-commonly spoken local language, and the currency is, of course, the US dollar. Visitors who are not US citizens or visa holders must complete an online ESTA waiver, 72 hours prior to travel, at the very least.

When Is the Best Time to Visit Honolulu?

Great seasons for a weekend in Honolulu are from April to June and September to December. The city is a bit less busy, and the weather is warm. Festivals take place throughout the year. June to August are the driest months, hence the increase in visitor numbers, though surfers prefer the months spanning December and April. Watching them compete from the safe distance of the beach is an excellent pastime.

What Is There to Do in Honolulu?

There are innumerable experiences to be had, once you've planned your flight and hotel for Honolulu. Here are some highlights:

  • It wouldn't be a Hawaiian holiday without revelling in the perfect beaches that bring travellers here from all over the planet. One of the best is Ala Moana Beach, dotted with palms.
  • When you've had your fill of sunbathing and surfing, make your way to Keahole Street to organise a Submarine Scooter dive off Oahu. You'll swim with bright fish and sea turtles as you explore tropical reefs and get close to the thrilling marine life of Hawaii.
  • Dip into the history of Hawaii at the remarkable 'Iolani Palace, America's only royal residence. It was built for King David Kalakaua in 1882. Enjoy free Friday concerts beneath the banyan tree on the palace grounds, starting at noon.

What is There to See in Honolulu?

From nature to art, there are a number of interesting sights to check out during your Honolulu package holidays. The Bishop Museum is undoubtedly the premiere museum of Polynesian anthropology in the world. A giant whale floats in the grand foyer, which gives onto several floors of artefacts and galleries replete with Polynesian lore and heritage. Trace Hawaii's spiritual beliefs, and see contemporary art alongside traditional crafts. An immersive Science Adventure Center covers local biodiversity and volcanology, while botanical gardens are home to indigenous plants, such as the breadfruit.

Head to the murals of the city's history beneath the Aloha Tower. Views from atop this four-storey building extend across the city. The best views are reserved for hikers scaling the Ko'oalu Range, where emerald trails reveal lovely scenery. If epic treks aren't your thing, head to Manoa Falls. The walk is flanked by African tulip trees. And hikers of all skill levels can head to Diamond Head, a volcanic tuff cone, for panoramic views.