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From the pretty blooms that adorn many an office cubicle, or the sweet aroma of chocolate, Valentine’s Day is a great occasion to show some love to those you care about, whether it be a friend, family member or your significant other. But, what Valentine’s Day gift will you get them?

For those of us who are better with presents than we are with words, here are a few unique gift ideas for your Valentine. This is your chance to break away from the roses and chocolate truffles tradition and add some creativity and originality to your gift. Check out our 10 cool Valentine’s Day gifts for any type of budget: free, low cost, and a couple of splurge items.

1. Smittens

Smittens romantic gift

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, that means the temperatures can get a bit chilly. While taking a romantic stroll seems out of the question, due to inclement weather, “smittens” are the perfect solution! They are also a great reason to never have to let go. These precious mitts come in all different sizes and you can even mix and match one small mitten and one large mitten.

Price: $35 / £26.84
Where to buy: smittens.biz

2. Make It Sweet

Heart shaped cake

Sometimes, the best way to show you care is to makea homemade Valentine’s Day gift. Baking a cake can not only be appreciated by the loved ones in your life, it also gives you an excuse to indulge. Get creative with the flavour of cake, the decorations and toppings, but be sure to make it extra special with a lovely V-Day rendition using a heart-shaped cake mold.

Price: Low cost, price of ingredients and cake mold.
Where to buy: amazon.com

3. Cupid Catapult

Cupid love gun

If you’re having trouble trying to get the Valentine you want, then why not put it in Cupid’s hands? With this catapult, you’ll get 4 shots to be sure Cupid’s arrows are hitting the right person.

Price: $6.95 / £5.30
Where to buy: Amazon 

4. It’s Okay to Get Cheesy

Cheesy love

Simple, yet original, this take on an open-face cheese sandwich really lets the cheese slices do all of the talking. And what they’re saying is just precious! Try surprising your honey with this at the breakfast table. We’re sure they’ll dig this “cheesy” approach to a Valentine’s Day gift.

Price: Low cost.
Where to buy: Your local grocery store.

5. Make A Mix Tape

valentine's day gift idea: Mix tape

Take it back to the 90’s. The song you first danced to, the tracks that remind you of them or the music that speaks the words your heart feels. A mix tape never goes out of style and it is a Valentine’s Day gift your loved one will cherish for years to come.

Price: Free!

6. Printable Coupons

Valentine's Day coupons

If you’re on a budget this Valentine’s Day then these coupons are the best low-cost option. You can get creative and design your own, or print a few pre-made ones instead online.

Price: Free!

7. The Edible “L” Word

love on a toast

What better way to ask your Valentine to be yours than on an edible piece of romance. It’s bound to be a big hit because, quite frankly, who doesn’t love toast?

Price: $1.95 / £1.49
Where to buy: Kiosk.com

8. Pizza My Heart

Heart shaped pizza

How does the saying go? “The best way to get to your Valentine’s heart is through their stomach,” or something like that. With this heart-shaped pizza you can snag your Valentine’s cuore italiano in just a couple slices.

Price: Dough, tomato sauce, cheese, topping, and a bit of elbow grease.
How to make it: wikihow.com/Make-a-Heart-Shaped-Pizza

9. Bicycle for Two Please!

Tandem bike

This option may be a pricier gift, but if it’s in your budget, it’s a pretty sweet way  to get close. And bonus: You can burn a few extra calories! You know what they say, a couple that plays together, stays together.

Price: from $1,307 / £1,000
Where to buy: tandems.co.uk

10. Note Me Pillow

Note me Pillow

Cozy and personalized, you can surprise your loved one every morning with a different romantic message, poem or drawing. Now that’s a gift that keeps on giving!

Price: $49.00 / £37.53
Where to buy: design-milk.com

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