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We Moustache You A Question: Are you ready to don the most amazing Movember ‘stache? Today is the first of November, marking the beginning of Movember, or also known as, the month of the moustache. Though initially, it may seem like a hairy situation, (pun inteneded), Movember is a global initiative focused on bringing heightened awareness to men’s health and raising funds for prostate cancer.

Men all over the world become officiated through the growing of the stache as Mo Brothers. Mothers, wives, daughters, sisters and friends join in solidarity for the men in their lives as well, with fake staches, as Mo Sistas. There were even planes with moustaches, getting in on the action and soaring (pun intended, again) into the universe of le moustache.

In this worldwide effort to make a difference, and with just 30 days left in the month to see this initiative sprout, let’s get you ready for Movember! Before you start, here’s an essential diagram of some of the most popular Movember looks, and the the types of moustaches you can grow. Ladies: You can fashion the ‘stache out of felt, markers or any crafty material you like. Which look do you fancy most? We think the Brimley is quite the proper style, wouldn’t you agree?

Photo by Pixel Fantasy via Flickr
Photo by Pixel Fantasy via Flickr

Now that you’ve seen a bit of the moustache and are motivated to grow or create the ultimate moustache in solidarity for Movember, find out  what your moustache just might say about you:

The Hercules

The perfectly structured twist, curling up as if an extension to your upper lip. You think you’re fancy, huh? We agree! Great ‘stache!

hercules stache
Photo by Brandon Cripps via Flickr

Slick Selleck

It may have originated as Magnum P.I.’s claim to fame, but nothing can stop you from pulling it off. This sturdy mustache requires a sturdy character to go along with it. If this is your Movember look, we salute you. Bravo, good sir (or madame)!

selleck mustache
Photo by Flood G. via Flickr

Supportive ‘Stache

Don’t let the hair-wrap-around fool you. This mustache shows incredible support for the Movember initiative. It also shows off your crafty nature and quick-witted nature. There isn’t anything you can’t handle, is there?

fake mustache
Photo by Noelia Ruiz Photography via Flickr

The Milk Moustache

Ah, milk as an accesory! This is not only a classic look for a moustache, it also requires little time to pull off, though you would have to apply daily. More importantly, this moustache is a sure sign you are health conscious, and that is precisely what Movember is all about!

milk mustache
Photo by Jadawin42 via Flickr

Puppy ‘Stache

Man’s best friend would most definitley show support for Movember. If you are the type of owner that would fashion their pup in a proper moustache such as this, you are nothing short of a gentleman. Your sophistication is clearly admired by all and the rest of us mere mortals simply wish we had a tiny portion of your swagger.

dog mustache
Photo by Ginny via Flickr

Minecraft Moustache

Well, aren’t you a bit of a Geek? The coolest geek, no doubt, because clearly, you know the importance of supporting Movember. In reality, you are wise beyond your years. You are tech-saavy, a Minecraft God!

minecraft mustache
Photo by Bre Pettis via Flickr

The Forever ‘Stache

Dedication is key to pulling of this look. A tattooed moustache on your finger says great things about you. You are a probably a hipster with a heart of gold. You also have a great sense of humor and enjoy the tom foolery of pretending to be a jolly gent with the ‘stache placed like so. Cheers to you and your style!

mustache tattoo
Photo by Val via Flickr

‘Stache in Training

If you enjoy showing off your support for Movember with your fingers placed in the shape of a moustache over your upper lip, we approve! Young, old, moustache-growing challenged, it doesn’t matter. All are welcome in the effort to raise funds for prostate cancer.

finger mustache
Photo by Lotus-Carroll via Flickr

The Mother of All Moustaches

Finally, we present to you the gretest of all ‘staches. Much like the egg conundrum, this greatness of hair on the face begs the question: Which came first; The face or the beard? Whichever the case, this larger-than-life, hairy masterpeice shows your dedication to Movember. You are the ruler of all ‘staches. Hats off to you!

infinity mustache
Photo by Dan A Crosley via Flickr

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