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There’s something really poetic about being a tourist. Maybe it’s the illusion of travelling to experience sunsets on an exotic beach, adventures in the forest, or the opportunity to discover amazing things. There are many aspects that make the journey of a holiday truly enchanting, and the more prepared one is on their way, the better the journey, because alas, traveller cannot merely get by on holiday solely with emotions. Practicality counts, too, and travellers need travel gear and materials to aide them throughout whichever journey they are on.

Since it’s almost Christmas, and it’s a great occasion for gift-giving, make your friends, family and globetrotting favourites happy by wrapping up something they may actually need on their next holiday. Forget about the pyjamas and the books; take note and check out eDreams list of great Christmas gifts.

Photo by: Susana Fernández via Flickr

1. Wallet Lockbox

Traveller’s dilemma 101: Determining a safe place to put your money and important documentation when travelling without losing it. A hip pack can be awkward, cumbersome and definitely not the best look for “cool”. With Lockbox, you can easily carry everything you need in a fine and hip accessory. There is also a model with artwork by Japanese artist, Yoshi Sislay which we particularly like. It’s made of silicone which is water, dust, dirt and moisture resistant. And bonus: the wallet’s closure is designed so that it will not open if the Lockbox gets dropped or falls.

This handy wallet lockbox fits into any pocket, but if you want to show off their faceplates, tie kit around your neck. You can order your Lockbox through their online store.

Lockbox Wallet

2. GoPro Hero 4

For the adventurous traveller, this all-terrain camera is the perfect gift. With images that evoke the sensation of being in the moment, climbing an iceberg or swimming with orcas, the camera’s photos are incredible. The camera’s photos and videos are achieved with the GoPro, which is the closest thing to having the actual experience. With this camera, every trip is filled with unique moments.

The popularity of this camera has grown so much in recent years that there are now dozens of accessories and products now available (the “selfie” stick is a must-have!) . A bit higher in price than other Christmas presents, (the basic model costs € 124.99 and there are ranges that reach € 479.99) it is worth carrying around for most trips, as it is a waterproof camera which weighs just over 100g.

Other major features on the camera include: A wide-angle lens, free software to download pictures onto your computer. Also, some models can be synchronized with your smartphone. It is also water and impact resistant.


3. Portable Phone Charger

Phone battery charger

It’s difficult to live without a mobile phone, especially when travelling, even if the purpose of that holiday was to “disconnect”. Accepting this fact may be difficult, but once accepted, a practical and useful gift is the pocket phone charger. They come in many different designs and price ranges (although most are approximately 20€) and the operation is as simple as connecting it to a USB port on your computer, charging it and then having it available to charge your smartphone, or tablet wherever you go! You can buy it on Amazon.

4. Travelsize Hammock

This is an ideal holiday present for someone who loves to spend time relaxing by the beach or becoming one with the wild, all without setting foot in a hotel. Perfect for backpackers, the travel hammock is the the perfect gift.

This hammock is from Eagles Nest Oufitters and can be folded down to make it pocket-sized!

Relax on your next holiday while in this hammock.
Photo source: eaglesnestoutfittersinc.com

5. Kobo Aura Reader

Often it is said a book can be one’s best companion when on holiday. What’s better than a book that has many books inside it? Kobo Aura is just the magical book that’s great for travel and is also water and dust resistant. This is one gadget any travelling bookworm would love. Plus, the battery lasts up to two months.

Reading Tablet
A traveller’s best friend: The reading tablet.

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