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‘Tis the season! From lights that twinkle to trees that sparkle and evenings full of whimsy, Christmas is a season the whole family enjoys. The little ones look forward to the arrival of Santa Claus and opening gifts from under the tree, adults enjoy the yuletide cheer the season brings, and all enjoy being close to friends and family.

Christmas season is actually one of the busiest travelling seasons; families travel to be together and also, families use this time to take a holiday. In fact, in 2013, nearly 23,000 UK residents travelled during Christmas. eDreams created a study on Christmas travel trends, which also revealed the 10 most visited destinations in the UK and internationally, with London and Dublin taking the top spots in each category. So where exactly does one go on a Christmas holiday the whole family can enjoy and  still visit the most popular destinations?

eDreams has you covered! Read on and check out the top 5 most visited international holiday destinations along with a few tips on things to do for a Christmas the whole family will enjoy.

1. Dublin

Airtricity Christmas Festival in Dublin
Photo by Miguel Mendez via Flickr.

From  December 19, 2013 – January 6, 2014, nearly 1,200 UK residents travelled to this quaint city. Though a popular destination throughout the year, the city comes to life during the Christmas season with bright lights that shine through the city’s centre. Temple Bar is also converted into a scene of merriment and music for all to enjoy. When you go, visit the Airtricity Christmas Festival as well- it’s a jolly good time!

2. Lisbon

Lisbon during Christmas
Photo by Filipe Varela via Flickr

Coming in at number two for most visited international destinations is the very charming Lisbon. Christmas is a magical time in this city, with approximately 2 million light bulbs adorning the city centre. When you go, check out all of the lights, the amazing Christmas tree in Parque Eduardo VII, the enormous heart in Camões square, which is inspired by country’s typical filigree style jewellery, and of course, indulge in delicious traditional fare, which includes cherry liqueur and their delightful egg custard (pastel de belém).

3. Tenerife

The coast of Tenerife at Christmas time
Photo by Till Krech via Flickr

Tenerife is a wonderful holiday destination for those who would like an escape from the winter chill. With average temperatures of 16C in December and January, the weather in the largest of the Canary Islands is mild enough for a beach day, or for a private charter to spot marine wildlife. Despite the warmer weather, visitors will still feel the Christmas spirit as decorations will adorn and there will be plenty of Cava to cheers the season.

4. Amsterdam

Christmas-lit buildings  in Amsterdam
Photo by Alias 0591 via Flickr

Amsterdam during Christmas is merry and bright and there are so many activities for the whole family! Christmas markets throughout, wonderful shopping delights and ice-skating are just a few activities all can enjoy. When you go, be enchanted at the World Christmas Circus in Royal Theatre Carré, or catch the Winter Parade.  Visitors will find this city is truly magical during this time.

5. Paris

Christmas in Paris Notre Dame
Photo by Eivind K Dovik via Flickr

Paris for Christmas? Oui Oui! The lights, the Eiffel Tower, the lovely Notre Dame- there is so much to see! When you go, take a stroll down Champs-Elysées, Avenue Montaigne or Bercy Village to admire the lights.  Children will also love the festivities and enchantment at Disneyland Paris. But one of eDreams top picks is ice-skating at the Grand Palais de Glaces. The glass-roofed central hall is spectacular and magical.

So where will you be travelling to for a merry Christmas season? Comment below and share your Christmas holiday plans with eDreams. We’d love to hear about it! Whichever holiday you decide to emark on, we’re wishing you and yours the lovliest of  times!

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