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Iconic architecture you’ve seen thousands of times in movies or pictures are now in your direct line of sight. The authentic dish you’ve always wanted to try is now one delicious bite away. Travelling is a wonderful way to experience and indulge, but there are so many locations to see and things to do. How do you decide where to go? Here’s an idea: Travel around the world!

This is your time to take a chance, boldly go where you have always wanted to go and fly around the world. With eDreams, planning a trip round the world is at your fingertips. With a large list of airlines to fly anywhere your heart desires, and multi stop flight options to book flights easily, your dream of worldly travels are just a few clicks away. Need more convincing?

Here’s why you should travel around the world:

Traveller on the side of a road
Photo by Ian Lott via Flickr
  • It’s good for you: Relaxing and taking a holiday is linked to a healthier heart, sharper mind and a happier disposition. It’s like chicken soup for the soul.
  • For the experience: Embracing cultures and doing things the way locals do can change your life perspective. It will not only transport you physically, but also transform you on the inside.
  • For the culture: Travelling around the world is an amazing opportunity to immerse yourself completely in a different culture.
  • It’s educational: From the destination’s history, to heightened language skills you will gain, travelling simply makes you more intelligent.
  • It will ground you: How can you truly appreciate your home if you haven’t experienced other destinations? It’s like they say: Absence makes the heart grow fonder.
  • To feel accomplished: As one of the most common items on the “Bucket List”, just imagine how great you’ll feel when you mark travelling round the world off your list.

Round The World Tickets

Many travellers eager to take on this journey often take the ever popular round the world cruise, but just think of all that you can miss by being on a cruise ship? After all, part of the charm of the journey is seeing as many things as possible. So what does a holiday around the world look like? Check out eDreams’ travel itinerary of top destinations through amazing photographs. Don’t these locations look enticing?

New York in North America:

New York via the Brooklyn Bridge
Photo by Marc Veraart via Flickr

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in South America

The view from Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Photo by Carlos Ortega via Flickr

Lagos, Nigeria in Africa

The Lekki Conservation Center, Nigeria
Photo by dotun55 via Flickr

Sydney, Australia in Oceania

Sydney, Australia
Photo by Corey Leopold on Flickr

Istanbul, Turkey in Eurasia

Around the world in Istanbul, turkey
Photo by Robbie via Flickr

Dublin, Ireland in Europe

Around the world to Dublin, Ireland
Photo by Giuseppe Milo via Flickr

London, England in Europe

Around the world to London, UK
Photo by Antoine Camelin via Flickr

What are you waiting for? Pack your bags, go on the ultimate journey around the world and share your holiday photos with us!

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