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What do most travellers do when at the airport waiting to board their flights?

A few are caught running from one terminal to another in a hectic frenzy, others look to kill time wandering about the duty-free shops, and then there are those who try to take a nap on some very uncomfortable chairs.

Very few of us can actually say that we have fun when at the airport, it’s just one of those inconveniences you have to stomach before finally being able to enjoy the better part of your holiday…

But what if somewhere between the security control and the departure gate you bump into that special someone? Maybe you meet a traveller who wants to tell you all about his adventures or maybe you spot a VIP!

Have you ever met a celebrity at the airport? What if you could pick to meet anyone, who would it be?

We wanted to know, so we asked tourists and bystanders and we gathered their answers on video.  Here is what we found out!

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sg7ouzmQ4LU[/embedyt]


Now it’s your turn!

What celebrity did you meet at the airport? Who would you like to bump into? Tell us in the comments below!

4 responses to “Traveller´s Experiences: Who would you like to meet in an airport?

  1. Thank you for your input Chelsea. That erroneous option was/is always considered but it was not I that got the information wrong. Three more searches produced the two required flights for €400 in total and not €3,700. Something is not working when ‘the lowest price’ (attractive) advertisement comes back at 925%. I wouldn’t have signed up to a blog (my second ever) if I were in any doubt as to whose error this was. So, as I’ve said, thanks for your time but I think you know we are both finished dealing with one another. Regards.

  2. eDreams, you have got to be kidding me! From Dublin to Barcelona €1,850!!!!!! and the journey will take 25 hours AND with a stopover that’s to be paid for. EACH???? and we are booking 3 months in advance. eDreams is a fitting moniker because that’s a virtual ‘lowest price’.

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