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Summer has arrived! We’ve put our jackets and boots away to make room for sun hats, flip-flops and beach towels. But summer is much more than that. It’s fun, fresh, joyful.

We’ve tried to create a summer definition in 10 colorful pictures. What is summer for you? We’d love to know!

10.  Summer is for making wish lists.

Summer wish list

It’s thinking about the things you’d like to do, places to see, food to eat.

9. Summer is strawberries and peach pies.

Strawberry and peach pie

Get them from your neighborhood bakery or make your own: buy a pie crust, fill with diced fruit, top with sugar syrup and bake for a few minutes.

8. Summer is for the lazy.

Tire swing

It’s the perfect moment to take a day or two off, read a book, watch the scenery from a plane or just lay around on a sandy beach.

7. Summer is for making lemonade.


Make more than you need and share it with your friends and neighbors.

6. Summer is for water fights!

Water fights

You don’t even need fancy water guns, grab a bottle of water, a cup or a bucket and start the fight (it’s the only kind of fight we’d suggest starting.  Maybe this one and pillow fighting, but we’ll keep that for cold weather).

5. Summer means perfect blue skies.

Blue skies in Summer

The perfect summer definition is a beautiful sky. Every morning, for days and days. And if it rains, it’s still fun.

5. Summer is perfect for ice-cold Manhattans.

Manhattan drinks

Bittersweet, fresh and colorful. Perfect for the beach, in your garden or on a hotel terrace.

3. Summer is the time for popsicles!

Summer Popsicles

You can make them out of fruit juice, yogurt or your own mix. Here’s a list of popsicle ideas for hot summer days.

2. Summer is about trying new things.


New food, new sports, new places.

1. But ultimately, summer is for having fun with the ones you love!

Happy friends in summer

Have a great summer, everyone! 🙂

What’s your definition of summer?

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