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Dear Ibiza fans, we are Virgil and Marisa and because we love Ibiza so much we want to share our love for Ibiza with you. We run and operate the Ibiza Inside community. We do our best to share everything that we love about Ibiza with you. We are in the business of making people happy so feel free to drop by once in a while.

Ibiza is known for being the party capital of the world. You can dance the night away in one of the famous clubs the island has to offer, but there is so much more. You can watch stunning sunsets or discover the north of the island that is much quieter and greener. You can let your body and mind come to rest in one of the breathtaking little bays or have a romantic full moon dinner. Or why not enjoy a day with the family in one of the beautiful child friendly Blue Flag beaches? We want to share our top 10 things to do in Ibiza with you. Are you ready…? Here we go!

1. Dal’t Vila, Ibiza town

We’d like to take you to the capital of Ibiza that lies in the south of the island. The magnificent and famous view of the Cathedral on top of the mountain, called Santa Maria D’Eivissa, built in the 13th century, is characteristic of Ibiza Town. The fortifications of the city of Ibiza were declared a World heritage site by Unesco in 1999. The streets weren’t designed for motorized vehicles back in the old days. In those picturesque small streets you can stroll for hours discovering romantic places, cozy restaurants and small shops.

Ibiza Town
Photo by Virgil Brewster via Flickr

2. Santa Gertrudis

Santa Gertrudis is a charming little village in the middle of the island of Ibiza. We love Santa Gertrudis because it is such a sociable place, nice to be at, throughout the entire year. It is popular among locals who live here or in the rural area. Shops, bars and restaurants are open during wintertime.

Santa Gertrudis in Ibiza
Photo by Virgil Brewster via Flickr

3. Pacha

Ibiza is the party capital of the world and one of the places where you can experience this is club Pacha. We love the Pacha VIP deck and Marisa always says: “The Pacha VIP is the best in the world” and when you are there you will immediately understand her. The music is great, the place is filled with happy people and there is a lot of dance floor burning in progress as we speak. So grab your dancing shoes and hit that dance floor. If you want to cool down after all this, you might sip on a cocktail on the roof terrace.

Pacha club - Ibiza

4. Las Dalias

Ibiza has a few markets. The most famous one is the hippie market Las Dalias. There is, however, even much more to do and see at Las Dalias besides all the market stalls. It seems as if time has been standing still there and we like sitting at one of the wooden tables chatting with friends and looking at all the different people passing by. In the garden there is a restaurant which offers Mediterranean and exotic cuisine. The Soul Bar provides nice tunes and having a rest in the Bedouin tent is another option. On Saturdays there is a children’s area with fun and games, creative workshops and storytellers.

Las Dalias market in Ibiza

5. La Paloma Café

If you like to have lunch in a special place you need to drive to San Lorenzo. Don’t drive too fast because you’ll drive right through this little town before you know it. Next to the elementary school you will find one of Ibiza’s hidden gems: La Paloma Café. Make sure you take one of the tables on the left. Here you have a stunning view of Ibiza’s countryside and if you are lucky to be there in the right season you can grab the oranges and lemons right from the trees… Virgil is a film fan and he always says that he feels as if he is stepping onto a set of a fairy tale when he is at La Paloma. The food is fantastic, fresh and healthy. We can talk for hours about La Paloma café but it is best to experience it for yourself.

La Paloma Cafe in Ibiza

6. Bar Costa

If you are into typical Spanish jamon (dry cured ham) head to Santa Gertrudis. Here you’ll find Bar Costa. Not only is the Jamon of excellent quality, but the bar itself also looks fantastic. It seems as if you’re walking into a museum. In every corner there is something new to discover. In winter time Bar Costa is warm and cozy. All the locals gather round the fireplaces with wine and jamon….Nice!
Spanish ham

7. Club Roca Llisa

Next to the Golf course in Ibiza, (yes Ibiza has her own 18 holes golf court but that is another story) lies Club Roca Llisa. Apart from the fact that you can have a nice dinner at the restaurant or some drinks on the terrace with amazing view of the court, Club Roca Llisa organizes great events. On Saturdays there is a kids’ club where your kids are entertained while you enjoy the sun at the fantastic pool, on Tuesdays there is a film night and live music and entertainment is organized on several days during the week.

Ibiza party

8. Amante Beach Club & Restaurant

There are a lot of famous beach clubs and beach restaurants in Ibiza but we especially like Amante. Here you will find yourself 200 meters above the beach where you can enjoy your lunch or dinner…you can imagine the view! Amante is in our top 10 list of romantic restaurants, great service and amazing views. If you are lucky you’ll have the full moon as an extra mystery guest.

Amante Beach Club - Ibiza
Photo by Virgil Brester via Flickr

9. Hacienda Na Xamena

When you are done with beaches, clubbing and city trips you can opt for relaxing the body and mind at one of Ibiza’s beautiful spas. The Spa La Posidonia at hotel Hacienda Na Xamena is very special because – apart from a wide range of body and facial treatments and spa rituals – the following is offered: approximately 200 meters above sea level, there is an outdoor thalasso therapy area at the top of the cliffs of Na Xamena, with hydro massages and interconnected by waterfalls…Breathtaking! You can enjoy a stunning sunset while you are relaxing on the terrace and if you get hungry, it’s no problem because there are fantastic restaurants to satisfy your inner self.

Spa at Ibiza

10. S’illot d’es Rencli Sunset

One time we planned to go to Benirras beach in the north of Ibiza to watch the sunset. Unfortunately, it was too crowded, so we needed to go somewhere else. Our friend Ida led us to a beautiful little bay near Benirras. We cannot describe the beauty of this bay in words. The red colored rocks surrounding this bay and the light at sunset are so surreal that it is hard to describe it to someone who has never been there before. The sunset at S’illot d’es Rencli is one of the most beautiful things that we have witnessed in our lives. This bay definitely deserves a spot in our top 10.

S'illot d'es Rencli - Ibiza
Photo by Virgil Brewster via Flickr

What are you waiting for? Search for the flight, or book your hotel in Ibiza, pack your bags and see you in Ibiza.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. I’ve been on the island since May but still have a few items to cross of the list.

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