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If you think about Spain’s islands what first pops into your head? Ibiza? Tenerife? But what if we told you that on the Atlantic Coast of Spain you can find some of the most beautiful islands in the world? If you don’t believe us, we invite you to take a tour of the Cíes Islands with us and see the natural, untouched beauty that they have to offer.

cies islands aerial
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How to get to the Cíes Islands

The Cíes Islands are located off the coast of Pontevedra in Galicia, Spain.
To get to the islands take the ferry from the Port of Vigo. There is also the option to rent a private boat to reach the islands.

About the Cíes Islands

Located in the Atlantic Islands National Park, the Cíes are made up of 3 islands: Monte Agudo, O Faro, and San Martiño. San Martiño is only accessible by private boat, whileas Monte Agudo and O Faro have ferry access as they are connected by Rodas Beach.

The Beaches

cies beach
image by Toni.Martz on flickr

There are a total of 9 beaches on the 3 islands. The most famous beach is Rodas Beach on Monte Agudo Island as it was named the best beach in the world by The Guardian newspaper.

Monte Agudo Island beaches

  • Areiña Beach
  • Figueiras Beach
  • Margaridas Beach
  • Muxieiro
  • Rodas Beach

O Faro Island beaches

  • Bolos Beach
  • Cantareira Beach
  • Nosa Señora Beach

San Martiño Island beach

  • San Martiño Beach

Cíes Islands Activities

cies islands camping
image source campingislascies.com

Camping – Sleep on the beach in your own tent or rent one. Find out more information here.

Diving – Swim alongside lobsters, crabs, octopuses, flounder, forests of anemones…

Kayak – Rent kayaks and explore the surroundings of the islands with a guide! No experience necessary.

Hiking – There are four routes:

  • Faro (Lighthouse) Mountain Route – hike from O Faro Island to Monte Agudo. The longest and most popular of the routes.
  • A Porta Lighthouse Route – hike along O Faro Island.
  • Alto del Príncipe Route – hike to the top of Monte Agudo (Agudo Mountain).
  • Agudo Mountain Route – hike through the forests of the islands.

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