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This is a guest post by Stephanie Staszko on behalf of  MF Airport Parking who provide parking solutions at all of the UK’s major airports; particularly handy if you’re thinking of embarking on some summer skiing and have to cart all your equipment to the airport!

Travel agents’ windows and holiday brochures are currently brimming with package holiday deals for sunshine, sea and sand lovers. Whilst this excites a large number of people who like to get away over the summer, the typical beach side holiday certainly isn’t for everyone. Lying by the beach covered in cream, sweating and recovering from a previously heavy night doesn’t cater to everyone’s taste; which is why this guide should help those on the quest for alternative summer holiday ideas find something more inspiring.

Summer Skiing

image by macieksz on flickr

If beaches really aren’t your bag and the nightclubbing scene brings about feelings of claustrophobia, you don’t have to hibernate during the peak season; mountain holidays are a more relaxing or exhilarating choice of holiday, depending on how you choose to use them.
If you’re an adrenaline junkie then summer skiing (either in the southern hemisphere or on one of the Alps’ breath-taking glaciers) could be your ideal summer vacation. Surrounded by picturesque scenery, indulging in some ‘t-shirt skiing’ can be the ultimate action-packed alternative to floating on a lilo for a week.
There are many ski towns neighbouring glaciers which are all-seasons resorts and often have summer activities to indulge in alongside skiing.

Hiking and Mountain Biking

image by GuideGunnar – Arctic Norway on flickr

Mountain biking, abseiling and hiking are typical activities to take part in, but don’t forget the quaint villages which are a common European ski town feature and are bursting with culture; they’re the perfect places to unwind and sample some fantastic local cuisine all washed down with a refreshing beer. Some summer ski towns have a lake in the town too; in the winter they can used for ice skating but are perfect for taking a dip in during the scorching months of the year. You can also indulge in some water-based activities too such as jet skiing and boating trips if you find a resort with a lake.

Countryside Cottages

image by John Picken on flickr

Cottages are the perfect summer accommodation for those who love the countryside and the freedom to do as they please on holiday. Many package holidays have set hotel meal times and in some countries, which are deemed unsafe, only allow guests to leave under supervision. Staying in a cottage, you can eat where you please, sample local cuisine and visit exactly where you like when you like. There’s also something rather comforting about cottages with their traditional whistling kettle!
Cottages are a great form of holiday accommodation from popular coastal locations to remote countryside destinations, there’s always somewhere you can enjoy a home-from-home experience!

City Breaks in the Sunshine

image by Agent Smith on flickr

If you’re a self-confessed lover of exploring, experiencing the cultural variety cities have to offer can be an eye-opening break. There are so many different cities around the world with varying culture; from exploring England’s Capital steeped in its royal beauty, to embracing the rustic charm of Bulgaria’s capital, Sofia, European cities offer fascinating and diverse holidaying options. It’s worth considering Eastern Europe for a cheap city break, with their beautifully mild summers and abundance of history to be explored; they can prove to be real eye-openers if you hail from the Western world. If you have a sun and beach lover in your family, there are many cultural cities to be explored which have hot summers and nearby beaches to please everyone in your party.
Taking city breaks over the weekend is a great way to utilize those two precious days off whilst saving more annual leave and money for more short trips later in the year too. There’s nothing better than returning from one short break knowing you have another one on the horizon to look forward to!

Spicing up a Beach Holiday

image by epSos.de on flickr

If you’ve been out-voted by your fellow holidaymakers and you’re headed for the coastline this summer then here are a few ways you can transform your beach holiday into something more inspiring:

Try surfing: perfect for adrenaline junkies who get itchy feet just sunbathing.
Take a boat tour to a nearby island and explore the hidden culture away from the tourist areas.
Explore local markets and more neighbouring inland destinations with day excursions.
Consider snorkeling if it’s available, explore the world underwater.

There are so many alternatives to the typical beach holiday; you can still enjoy the beauty of the coastline without being tied to holiday reps. If you’re someone who sees mere sunbathing as a waste of time try out one of the alternative holiday ideas to make your summer one to remember.

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