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Mandy Disher is a floral and nature photographer based in Cambridgeshire, UK.  She’s already published her work in photography books and magazines and this year her portfolio won her another finalist position in the International Garden Photographer competition.

We were impressed by the softness of her plant portraits, the colours and shapes of the things she photographs so we asked her to pick some of her favourite photos and tell us a little bit about how she works, what she is looking for in a photograph and what inspires her.

I’m drawn to flowers for their beautiful colours and diverse form.

Most of my images are taken in situ in my own garden or in my home studio where I also enjoy taking still life studies and floral portraits.

I try to create a visual impact of their colour and shape combined with beauty and elegance and a sense of mood from something which is often ordinary.

I enjoy macro photography and love the shallow depth of field that
going in close gives and like the play between crisp detail and soft
tones that creative focusing produces.

Flowers and garden insects offer me an endless supply of exciting colour, texture and pattern
which mostly go unnoticed until viewed through a macro lens.

You can see more of Mandy Disher’s work on her website. Thank you Mandy for the photos 🙂

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