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If you’re like us you’ve probably spent your fair share of time crammed in an airline seat counting the seconds until the plane touches down. In the spirit of keeping your carry-on luggage as light as possible we’ve created the following list of our favorite smartphone apps, perfect if you’re flying solo, and for those that prefer old school entertainment and traveling in groups, our favorite travel-size board games.


Keep reading to see our favorite travel-size games for those that prefer a bit of fun without all the technology.

4 responses to “The Best Apps & Games to Pass Time on Flights

  1. Thank you for the great game and app suggestions, Chelsea! I recently took
    a position with DISH which requires a lot of air travel, and I have been
    looking for good apps to pass the time in the terminal and in the air (I’ll
    remember the board games when I travel with the kids). I love Tetris and Brick
    breaker, so I might have to ad those to my tablet. The best time killing app I have
    found so far would be the DISH Remote Access App. I use it to stream live TV
    and DVR recordings from my Hopper DVR to my phone. In just a few weeks it feels
    like I have spent days waiting out flight delays and I would have gone insane
    if I didn’t have that app to distract me.

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