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We’ve always been fascinated by never-ending youth, by stories of magical places in which people live forever, by people who live up to one hundred years and more. Whether there’s something magical about the places in the list below, or maybe just a mix of culture, personal choices and a positive attitude towards life will remain a mystery… for now.

1. Okinawa, Japan

Japan is well-known as a place where people live longer than other countries, but Okinawa is a place where people not only that people are healthy overall, but diseases such as Alzheimer’s and heart disease are virtually unknown here.

2. Andorra

The tiny principality located in the mountains between Spain and France has one of the highest life expectancies in the world. Maybe it’s because everyone drinks pure mountain spring water or maybe stress is generally low due to social stability, who can tell for sure?

3. Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica

For the 75,000 people who live here, life is not that different now compared to how it was a hundred years ago. People work hard, eat healthy and there’s almost no pollution in the area.

4. Ikaria, Greece

The inhabitants of this Aegean island are four times more likely to reach the age of 90 than a North American. Their excellent physical shape is attributed to their active and carefree lifestyle

5. Hunza Valley, Pakistan

A beautiful valley, surrounded by Himalayan peaks, whose residents are exceptionally healthy, active and happy. Family relationships are strong and their optimism seems to be innate while their diet consists mainly of wheat, barley and antioxidant fruit such as cherries and plums.

6. Sardinia, Italy

It is not uncommon for these wonderful men and women to reach ages of 100 and more.Some researchers believe that the longevity of the Sardinians has a genetic basis but their healthy lifestyle and healthy diet might also have something to do with it.

7. Vilcabamba, Ecuador

Vilcambambas is often called “The valley of longevity” because of its location far from civilization and the “resistance to death” of its inhabitants. Older people generally work on ranches, working on manual tasks and riding horses. They eat very little animal products, replacing meat with fresh vegetables.

8. Macau, China

The life expectancy of a “macanese” is 84.38 years, one of the highest in the world. They diet is rich in seafood and health is a public priority: there is a density of 1.5 doctors per thousand inhabitants.

9. Abkhazia, Georgia

In this mountainous region, home to around 100,000, people are said to live up to 150 years, even if the longest fully documented and irrefutably authenticated age ever reached by a human being is 122, by a Frenchwoman named Jeanne Louise Calment.

Social status is conferred by age, not by fame or wealth, so the elderly are respected and cared for.

10. San Marino, Italy

In San Marino, a person lives around 81 years old, while both the employment rate and their income are high. The elderly often live with family members rather than in nursing homes or hospitals, which certainly makes them more relaxed and happy.

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