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Thailand, the exotic “Land of Smiles” – known for it’s friendly and happy population – is the perfect destination to leave behind your daily routine and have a relaxing holiday with nature, culture and spectacular sights.

In order to fully enjoy this country without feeling like a tourist, the best thing you can do is to adapt to their customs and local traditions.

We’ve had the opportunity to pick the brains of travel bloggers like Johnny Ward (OneStep4ward), Macca Sherifi (A Brit and A Broad), Chris & Angela (Tieland to Thailand), Manouk (Bunch of Backpackers), Brandy Bell (It’s One World Travel) and Pedro Richardson (Travel with Pedro). They’ve prepared a series of useful tips that will help you with your future trip to Thailand!

We’re sure after you’ve read all of these tips, you won’t be able to get Thailand out of your mind!

Johnny Ward

Website: One Step 4ward – Twitter: One Step 4ward

This Irish guy just knew there was more to life than just a 40+ hour work week and 2 week break every year. Although he grew up with his single mother he managed to find a way to travel indefinitely without having to break the bank. He had his ups and downs and now he can say that he’s a “lifestyle designer” and travels the world indefinitely. Whenever he gets too tired of travelling, he goes back to his apartment in Bangkok, Thailand.

He’s visited 141 countries (out of 193) and considers Thailand to be his “home”. We can learn a lot from him:


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Chris and Angela

Website: Tieland to Thailand – Twitter: Tieland to Thailand

Chris and Angela had great jobs in America but soon they realised it wasn’t enough for them to be happy. So 2 years ago they resigned from their jobs, sold almost everything they owned and bought 2 tickets to Chiang Mai, Thailand.

They started their blog as a way to share with their closest friends and family what their lives were like over there and it has evolved into a whole new thing! Not only do their articles help you with itineraries around the country, budgetting, etc, but they also inspire and empower to choose another lifestyle and live in a different country.

They’ve prepared some tips for you to help you with your trip to Thailand:






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Macca Sherifi

Website: A Brit and A Broad – Facebook: A Brit and A Broad

Macca, Brianna and Brian are three very talented travel vloggers who want to inspire people to travel differently. Macca (the brit) mostly writes about their unique style of travelling and there’s nothing he wouldn’t do for a good story! Brianna (the broad) writes about what girls need to know when they travel. Her articles are usually emotive because she loves telling stories through the eyes of those around her. Finally, Brian (the cinematographer) is the man behind the camera and all his videos will make you want to hop on a plane!

Macca was interested in completing this travel guide to Thailand and has sent us over some very useful tips!:






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Website: Bunch of Backpackers  – Instagram: ManoukBoB

Manouk, also known as BoB is young writer and doctor from the Netherlands who loves to travel and is always ready to go on an adventure! Although she’s currently working at a hospital, she travels whenever she has the chance.

She started her blog 2 years ago because she wanted people to learn about offbeat destinations, crazy adventures and all the places she’s been to through her tips and stories.

She’s prepared a couple of useful tips for you:

Manouk BoB - Royalty in Thailand

Manouk BoB - Names and Nicknames in Thailand

Manouk BoB - Royalty in Thailand

Manouk BoB - Slippers in Thailand

Manouk BoB - Wai Salute in Thailand

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Website: I am Koh Chang – Facebook: iamkohchang

Ian’s website is the perfect guide for independent travellers that want to visit Koh Chang, Thailand. He’s got a lot of useful information and is known to be one of the best sites in the country. His Baan Rim Nam Guesthouse, located in the west coast of Koh Chang has been awarded for the past 3 years by Tripadvisor as one of the Top 23 B&B’s in Thailand.

Be sure to read his tips because he knows what he’s talking about!:







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Brandy Bell

Website: It’s One World Travel – Twitter: @brandyleebell

She quit her job five years ago and took a one way flight to Athens to start her new life. But after ten months of travelling all over the world, she went back to California and realised she had to find a better way to live and is happy to have found it. She writes about budget travelling, free travel, female travelling and backpacking! She’s got some of the best tips on the easiest and cheapest ways to travel the world. And she’s prepared some for you so you don’t look like a disrespectful tourist in Thailand:

Brandy Bell - Feet in Thailand

Brandy Bell - Slippers in Thailand

Brandy Bell - Saluting in Thailand

Brandy Bell - Spicy Food in Thailand

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Pedro Richardson

Website: Travel with Pedro – Facebook: Travel with Pedro

Pedro was passionate about travelling even before getting on a plane for the first time. Although he works full-time, he uses up all his vacation days for travelling around the world and going on adventures. He’s a huge foodie and has even eaten bugs in Thailand! We can learn a few things from him:





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How about you? Do you have any tips for those who are planning to visit Thailand soon? Leave us a comment and share it with us! 

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  1. Thailand is really a beautiful place for leisure, food. It is a very good choice to spend holidays. Thanks for sharing your views with us.

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