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Istanbul is a portrait, at times a broad, panoramic view and at other times, intimate and personal. One of the most fascinating cities in the world, suspended between east and west, and the only one in the world built upon two continents. Its charm fascinates visitors, leading them to gradually discover its many wonders.

If you plan on visiting soon, take note of these 20 essential activities you have to do while there, all illustrated through the lenses of Instagram.

1. Eat a fish sandwich near the Galata Bridge

@marcmorz9 via Instagram
@marcmorz9 via Instagram

2. People watch and make a stop in one of the city’s mosques to meditate

@rickykusmayadi via Instagram

3. Go shopping at the Grand Bazaar


4. Taste the pistachios at the Spice Bazaar in Eminönü

@sweets_and_moree via Instagram

5. Have a drink at a bar with views of the Bosphorus River

@arqguga via Instagram

6. Sip on mint tea in the Ortaköy neighborhood

@mara_checarina via Instagram

7. Get lost in the darkness of the Roman Ruins

@jadzm via Instagram

8. Drink Efes beers in one of the bohemian cafes in the Beyoglu district

@nalancayirbicen via Instagram

9. Take a tour of the cosmpolitan district of Kadiköy

@burakxgunes via Instagram

10. Cruise the Bosphorus River by ferry

@vati69 via Instagram

11. Watch the sun set from the Galata Bridge

@elfinzeyno via Instagram

12. Stroll down Istiklal Avenue, the commercial center of Istanbul

@audiosoup via Instagram

13. Eat a Döner Ekmek (kebab), the best can be found in the municipality of Beşiktaş

@aysltnbs via Instagram

14. Go to a soccer game between Galatasaray and Fenerbahce

@_4ulusi.oe_ via Instagram

15. Relax in a turkish bath (hamami) in Cagaloglu

@cagalogluhamam via Instagram

16. See a Derviches tourneurs show

@thelittlebean via Instagram

17. Listen to the street musicians to feel the rhythms of popular Turkish music

@saristograph via Instagram

18. Get to know the nightlife of Istanbul in Nevizade or Asmalimescit

@bahadir_ayhan via Instagram

19. Eat Turkish sweets (Kazandibi, Lokma, baklava) in one of the many pastry shoppes

@serifoglucafe via Instagram

20. Watch daily life from the Taksim Plaza

@ayhntskr via Instagram


Have you ever been to Istanbul? Tell us what you liked the most. If you have never been, book flights to Istanbul and see it for yourself!

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