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28 Olympic sports, 10,500 athletes and one fabulous city. Until the 21 of August, the whole world will have their eyes in the Rio 2016 Olympic Summer Games.

At eDreams we’re into sports, sportsmanship, competition and medals! Not only Olympic medals but also others that we could give to all the countries that stand out as the best in other activities.

For example, did you know Japan is responsible for 60% of the world’s computer animation? And there are more than 130 schools dedicated to dubbing Anime? In other words: the Japanese aren’t only good in Judo because if there was a world competition about Anime they’d surely win a gold medal!

02 Anime (2)

In this video we’ve selected some countries that could participate in a different kind of Olympic Sports. Find out which countries deserve to win gold in their traditional activities!

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