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  • Abandon everything. Leave behind the hectic and stressful daily life.
  • Devote time to take care of your body and mind.
  • Develop a new energy through exercise, meditation, diet and contact with nature.

Yoga tourism contemplates all this and much more…

“Yoga is the perfect opportunity to be curious about who you are”

But what exactly is yoga tourism? Which different types of tourism can you find? Where can you practice them?

If you’re a yoga lover and want to know more details, read on and start planning your next holidays in zen mode!

1. Spiritual journey

Features: Simplicity and purification. Most of the time is dedicated to (rigorous) physical exercise and mind purification.

Typology: Ashrams.

An ashram is a spiritual hermitage open to everyone in which people follow a strict ritual and live in a community with a simple lifestyle.

The day is dedicated to meditation, yoga, and praying. You will have to follow a vegetarian diet and there are also ayurvedic treatments.

The price can be considered cheap and you can stay in an ashram as long as you want: from a minimum stay of 4 days which are necessary to get into the spirit of the place, for up to one or more months.

The experience in an ashram is very intense: in addition to the physical benefits that are easy visible, you may change the perception about yourself and the world around you.

Where to go: India, but this type of yoga tourism is now widespread in many parts of the world thanks to the work of Tibetan monks.

Level of preparation: Medium/High.

Recommended for:

  • those who are on a path of spiritual growth or inner exploration.
  • those that have a good spirit of adaptation and are ready to face a rigorous discipline.
  • those that are looking for a more authentic immersion in the yoga world.
  • those that travel alone or with friends.

Average price: 70€ per week

What to bring: A book, preferably written by a spiritual guru to enter directly into the ashram’s atmosphere.

2. Travel for pleasure + Yoga

yoga retreat

Features: It’s a mix of holidays and yoga. Travel to wonderful destinations where you can practice yoga and at the same time combine other activities and cultural visits.

Typology: Yoga retreats.

These trips are usually organized by yoga schools, or by specialized tour operators sold in “packages” for limited groups with an average duration of one to two weeks.

The mornings are dedicated to classes while the rest of the day is intended for socializing and traditional holiday activities. Sometimes it’s possible to mix surf or reiki with yoga.

Where to go: Mexico, Morroco, Spain, Turkey, Costa Rica… It’s possible to meditate anywhere in contact with nature.

Level of preparation: Medium

Recommended for:

  • those who want to combine fun with mental and physical fitness. It’s perfect for a rest from the daily stress thanks to the physical activities and the healthy vegetarian diet.
  • those who travel alone. Small groups have a very open mind and it’s pretty easy to make new friends that share the same interests.

Average price: 500€ per week without flights.

What to bring: A camera. Between asana and asana (yoga pose) take some time for photos of beautiful sunrises. You’ll see it’s worth it 😉

3. Beauty + Yoga

yoga spa beauty

Features: Packages that put together spa, beauty treatments and yoga exercises. Use the Ayurvedic medicine to purify your body and improve the physical appearance.

Typology: Beauty centers, spas, hotels.

Where to go: Anywhere around the world, but particularly in Kerala, India, the birth region of the Ayurvedic medicine.

Level of preparation: Low.

Recommended for:

  • those that want to stay in shape but aren’t yoga fanatics.
  • those looking for exclusive resorts with all types of amenities.
  • those that are willing to spend…

Average price: From 1,500€ per week

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