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Preparing your backpack is one thing that you have to get right before you head off. You don’t want to take too much because you will have to carry it a long way.

Here are some travel essentials to put in your backpack.

  • Dry shampoo

If you are on the road for days, sleeping in trains and far from showering facilities you can dry shampoo your hair. It is a miracle in a spray can.

  • First aid kit

Perhaps it sounds strange…but you never know when it will come in handy.

  • Cap, hat and sunglasses

If you need to cover up from the sun or hide because you are having a bad hair day….this is the perfect combination and the best way to look good in photographs even though your trip has taken its toll on your physical appearance.

  • Trainers

A pair of comfortable trainers are essential if you are backpacking because you will have to walk for miles and miles. If you are backpacking for a long period of time you should probably take more than one pair.

  • Dry-fit t-shirts

I love dry-fit t-shirts……the special material is great for warm and cold climates.

  • A duffle bag

Remember that when you are unpacked in your hostel and are staying there for a few days….you will still need a bag to carry your bits and pieces around in while you sightsee.

  • Waterproof/windproof jacket

This could be a lifesaver if the lovely warm weather you were expecting turns out to be a tropical shower.

  • A light weight sleeping bag

Some hostels charge extra or do not provide bed linen so it is a good idea to have a sleeping bag just in case.

  • A travel towel

Like the previous point some hostels charge extra for towels…..and if you are on a sleeper train which is luxurious enough to have showers your towel may come in handy if you want to use them. It is also good to have a towel in case you want to wash your face while on the road or during a stopover at the airport between flights.

  • Jogging bottoms

While you are on the road, sleeping in trains, buses or in airports you have to be comfortable. Jeans are not comfortable….jogging bottoms are the answer to comfort.

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