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Winter equals snowflakes, winds, cold weather, skiing and sledding. Although it is portrayed as a very amusing and adventurous season, not all of us share the same enthusiasm for spending our much needed winter holidays by freezing on the top of some mountain. Some of us simply cannot wait for the first rays of warm and friendly spring sun to come, so there is no need for your typical mountain holiday. Luckily, the winter sun is shining on some parts of the planet and there is hope for us who just want to dip their feet into the warm sand and hibernate until the snow disappears. Here are the best destinations to warm up your winter.

Bazaruto Archipelago, Mozambique


You cannot go wrong with Quirimbas Archipelago either, but Bazaruto is smaller and a lot more peaceful. Besides, it offers great opportunities for birding, snorkelling and diving. Because it is relatively untouched by tourism development, it can also be your perfect getaway if you simply want to relax and enjoy.  The clear turquoise waters are filled with sublime marine life and colourful fish and the sand is coloured with a fascinating harmony of white and gold.

Average temperature in Bazaruto in December: 30°C


Tenerife, Canary Island


Tenerife is not called “The Island of Eternal Spring” for nothing. Even during the winter, the temperatures on this little piece of paradise reach 20 degrees Celsius (68 degrees Fahrenheit). The appeal of this island is also it’s proximity to Morocco, so you can always extend your winter sun holiday and add one more destination from your travel bucket list.

Average temperature in Tenerife in December: 21°C


Cape Town, South Africa


Another one of Africa’s finest, the Mother City will truly warm your frozen cockles with its bountiful vineyards and golden beaches. Home to the soaring Table Mountain where you can capture the most divine rainbow images, Cape Town will make you forget all about the snowy winter and jingle bells. If you go beyond the very city you can enjoy the delights of Cape Peninsula.

Average temperature in Cape Town in December: 27°C


Goa, India


The northern hemisphere presents you its most qualified competitor for a winter sun holiday – Goa, India. Unlike the rest of India, Goa has formerly been under the colonial government of Portugal, so it is very different in culture. The infinite stretches of beaches are, of course, Goa’s most valuable asset. The East meets West cuisine will make you never want to go back to hamburgers and hot dogs. Goa is also famous for its market where you can buy anything from a needle to a bed.

Average temperature in Goa in December: 33°C


Valletta, Malta


The Mediterranean is reporting for duty. There is no way we could leave Malta out of a winter sun list. Valletta, the pride of Malta, has been given the nickname Superbissima (most proud), deservedly so, if you ask us. This is a city for history aficionados who want to spend their time learning and discovering new things. For instance, you can discover the oldest living order of chivalry – the Knights of Malta.

Average temperature in Valletta in December: 17°C


Zanzibar, Tanzania


Zanzibar transports you back through centuries all the way to ancient Persia and the tales that inspired Sinbad the sailor, but it does not stop there. It will show you the court of Omani sultans and Swahili princes and heavily laden scents of India. Besides the rich history and the amazing Stone Town, the archipelago is also home to some of the world’s most stunning stretches of coastline, so Zanzibar will not disappoint those who expect the idyllic beach experience.

Average temperature in Zanzibar in December: 32°C


What are you waiting for? Pack your (light) bag – no need for coats and boots – and start your winter holiday with the exotic taste of summer right now.

About the Author: 

guest-oliverThis guest post was written by Oliver Hyde, an experienced business consultant from the UK. His job allows him to travel and discover new places. He can’t stay put at the same place for a long time, but Africa was an exception; it stole his heart and made him travel through the continent for more than a year. 

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