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If you’ve ever travelled on low cost flights, you know that the budget carriers are sticklers when it comes to baggage allowances. You’ve probably seen people at the airport taking apart their suitcase to fit a purse inside at the last minute or putting socks in their pockets to make a bulging bag fit in the gauge at the boarding gate. To avoid getting yourself into a similar situation, here are some products on the market that can help you fit everything into your hand baggage without having to wear one of these.


You want to bring: a big purse

Bring this instead: a small discrete purse that you can sling over your shoulder and hide under your jacket or easily store in your suitcase if need be.

travel purse
image source bayareabags.com


You want to bring: all of your full-size toiletries

Bring this instead: travel-size toiletries. The rule for hand luggage is each bottle cannot pass 100ml and you are limited to bring what can fit in a 1-litre size (20cm x 20xm) transparent plastic zip bag.

travel size toiletries
image by ajalfaro on flickr


You want to bring: a big beach towel

Bring this instead: a micro-fibre towel that dries quickly and fits into a small travel pouch.

microfibre travel towel
image source snowgum.com.au


You want to bring: a water bottle

Bring this instead: a collapsible water bottle. Most airports have water fountains where you can re-fill after you pass security, saving money and space in your suitcase when you need to store it.

collapsible water bottle
image by SewPixie on flickr


You want to bring: books

Bring this instead: an e-book. Books take up too much space and if you’re going on a long relaxing beach vacation, chances are you’ll want to bring plenty of reading material which in the paper version could fill up a suitcase by themselves.

image by mccun934 on flickr


What other products do you recommend to save space in your case when travelling with low cost airlines?

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