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They come, they go, eat, drink, board, get off…

This is part of the routine for all passengers at airports.

Spending hours and hours at airports can be quite monotonous, particularly for business travellers who spend to much time at airports. That is why you need to escape all the stress and panic of an airport and relax in a green space…..within the airport of course.

Where can you do this?

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is the first hub to introduce a green space. After checking in and going through the security checks, you can take a breath of fresh air at the airport park.

Amsterdam Airport has recreated a park in the departure area…..it is just like the real thing with the noise of birds and insects, as well as picnic tables, static bikes and trees, all inside the building. It is an area of peace and tranquillity in a place which you would not normally associate with this kind of atmosphere.

This is one of the most innovative departure lounges you will come across and there is even a 130 year old tree trunk in the middle of the park. This is also the ideal place to go if you are travelling with kids as they can play here and get rid of all that energy they have.

The park is located at Lounge 1 in Zone D at Amsterdam Airport. If your next flight is departing from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, make sure you go for a walk in the park before take off.

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