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They say that Tahiti is the destination for the rich and famous. But do you have the same bank balance as the rich and famous?

I’m sure that most of you will be answering “no” to this question.

Even though Tahiti isn’t one of the cheapest destinations in the world, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go. There are always ways to survive on a budget in expensive destinations. Here are just a few.

Accommodation and eating out are the two main things that will burn a hole in your pocket.

Budget accommodation

  • Villas

If you want to book cheap accommodation but don’t want to sacrifice comfort and cleanliness you should consider renting a villa. This is especially good value if you are travelling in a group. Rental prices for luxury villas can be as cheap as 150 Euros per night (divided among all of the people staying in the villa). Some villas even include a car and six-person motorboat in the price which can work out as a great deal. So this is the best option for a family or group holiday in Tahiti.

  • Stay on a cheaper island

Remember that Tahiti is well connected with neighbouring islands so you could easy get a flight to Tahiti and then take a ferry to another island. For example, Morrea is renowned for being one of the cheapest islands and it is just 9 miles from Tahiti. Here tourists can find campsites, small hotels, hostels and self-catering accommodation.

  • Travel at a cheap time

The most expensive time of the year to be in Tahiti is between July and August, particularly July as this is when the Heiva Nui festival is celebrated and the weather is at its very best. For good weather and cheaper accommodation you should travel in May, June or September.

Cheap food

  • Self-catering accommodation

The best thing to do is stay in self-catering accommodation so that you can cook for yourself.

  • All inclusive accommodation

Do not have breakfast, lunch or dinner at your hotel (unless you get a really good deal). Breakfast at a hotel costs on average 25 Euros….it will cost you half this in a snack bar. The best all inclusive hotel deals are on islands near Tahiti.

  • Plat du jours

Order a lunch time plat du jours- set menu –which is a three or four course meal for a fixed price. The best thing is to have a big lunch and then a snack for tea. Lunch menus are usually cheaper than evening dinner menus.

  • Prepare a picnic

Treat your loved one to a romantic picnic. Buy the food at a supermarket or mini store and have lunch on the beach.

Remember, Tahiti is an exclusive destination- it will never be as crowded as places like Hawaii or Barbados -so this is one of the main reasons why it is so expensive…..but it is also a good reason to go, as well as the chance to star spot, enjoy a romantic honeymoon, admire the beauty of the islands and lie on near deserted beaches.

Make sure to do your research to unearth the best travel deals to Tahiti!

2 responses to “Budget travel in Tahiti

  1. I am heading to Tahiti for the month of July. 

    As mentioned in the post I will be spending the majority of my time on Moorea,  and Huahine to keep my bills to a minimum. 

    Anyone have any other suggestions???

    I will also be blogging about my trip to Tahiti!  How could you not!

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