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child-free zones on airplanes

We’ve all been on a flight where all you wanted was some peace and quiet and you get stuck in the aisle in front of a screaming baby. It’s not the worst thing that could happen on a shorthaul flight, but if you’re going the distance, hours of crying tends to break even the serenest of folk. The Malaysian low cost airline, AirAsia, has heard your cries (no pun intended) and wants to relieve a bit of the headache and will soon be offering the option of traveling in a child-free zone. The child-free zone will be implemented in February 2013 and will mean that the first seven rows in the economy class, separated from the rest of the cabin by toilets and exit doors, will be banned to all children under the age of 12. And the best part of all is that passengers will be able to reserve seats in the child-free zone for free.

Tell us what you think about adults-only sections on planes, are you for it or against it?

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