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Here is some advice to help you avoid being the victim of pickpockets or theft during your next holidays.

1. Before setting off make sure you read up on the place you are going to and the parts of the city, resort, etc that should be avoided or that are deemed unsafe.

2. It is a good idea to scan a copy of your passport, flight details and hotel confirmation to your email address and carry a copy of this information with you at all times. If you loose any of the documents you can easily print off another.

3. Make a note of the telephone numbers you should ring in case your bank cards are stolen and you need to block your account.

4. Make sure you use the safe provided or on hire in your hotel. Here you can leave money safely. Only carry the amount of money you think you will use when you leave the hotel.

5. Don’t carry large amounts of money in your handbag as this is easily snatched. Carry important documentation and large amounts of money in body pouches.

6. Make sure you carry backpacks, bum bags or any other type of bags across your shoulders or in front of you.

7. Take extra care when in crowded cities. Sometimes thieves work in groups and while one person distracts you the other is robbing you.

8. Never leave valuables or bags behind or under your chair in bars and restaurants. They should always be in sight.

9. Avoid taking money out of cash machines at night or in dark, isolated areas.

10. Be positive and try not to look like a tourist. Don’t open your map in the middle of a street, or if you do, try to do it discreetly. If you need help or directions, ask a police officer.

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