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For some, having to pack a suitcase before leaving on holiday feels like a punishment… You have to think about what you’re going to bring, what suitcase size you need for it and you end up wrinkling all your clothes and tangling all your jewelry. In short, for some, it’s a pain.

For others, on the other hand, packing is like an appetizer before the grand menu; they love inventing new tricks to organise everything and have even given it a name for it: travel hack.

eDreams loves travel hacks and we’ve decided to make a list of all the tricks we’ve found on Instagram to “hack” your luggage.

1. Use a straw to make sure your necklaces to get tangled up in your suitcase. 

collier paille
Source: Huffingtonpost.com

2. Or maybe you’d rather wrap them around foam curlers… 

Bijoux bigoudis
Source: Heidiiann via Instagram

3. Roll your clothes up before putting them in your suitcase and place your socks inside one of them or even your beauty products to save some space! 

Astuces voyage valise
Source: DestinationSpecialists via Instagram

4. Use vacuum storage bags to save space inside your suitcase!

Sac sous vide valise
Source: AbstractOrganza via Instagram

5. Use plastic shower caps to cover the soles of your shoes to keep your bag clean. 

Chaussures propres valise
Source: KerryNamyes via Instagram

6. Others simply prefer to use plastic film!

Film plastique sur chaussures valise
Source: Hgar01 via Instagram

7. Use your eyeglasses clase to store your cables or earphones, you’ll avoid getting them tangled!

Boites de lunette écouteurs
Source: Diana.Vietnam via Instagram

8. Store small amounts of your beauty products in small containers. 

Astuce voyage gel douche
Source: Kledawn via Instagram

9. Another option is to place a balloon on top of your cosmetics, so they’ll never leak in your suitcase again!

ballon de baudruche protecteur
Source: Val868594 via Instagram

10. To avoid carrying around a whole bar of soap, you can use this tip!

Unidose savon
Source: FallOutMedia via Instagram

11. If you’re going to be travelling around different countries with different currencies, you can use this handy tip! 

Pochette devises
Source: TravelWalli via Instagram

12. If you’re going somewhere a bit dangerous, you can use these tricks to hide your money. 

Cacher argent tube baume à lèvre
Source: BlazeYourAdventure via Instagram


How about you? Do you have any great tips to pack? Leave us a comment!

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