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Halloween is tomorrow! For the holiday enthusiasts, you’re likely to have an exciting day filled with scary ghost stories, great parties and amazing sweets; from the candied corn to chewing on Cadbury treasures and indulging in the perfect sweetness of wine gums.

Did the 31st of October  sneak up on you? Don’t worry, eDreams has you covered. If you’ve been too busy to plan for Halloween, here are a few  last minute Halloween ideas to get you ready for the jolly festivities.  Forgot to buy a costume? We have you covered there, too. Read on and learn how to make your own DIY Halloween costumes, from the items you will need to craft the costume to instructions on how to make it. Who is ready to be a vampire, minion, or zombie?

Halloween Schminke

All of the Halloween costumes we have featured  are suitable for children , women or men. Get creative and adjust as needed, to ensure your costume is the best at the party! 



Transforming into one of the small and funny little helpers of the lovable villain, Gru, from the movie ” Despicable Me ” is not only a very popular costume, but it looks great and children will love it, too.

halloween kostüme selber machen
© pinkandblack-magazine.com

What You Need:
– Yellow long-sleeved top, blue dungarees and yellow leggings or tights if needed.
– Yellow Hat
– Black gloves
– Black shoes
– Two paper cups
– A black headband
– Silver cardboard

How To Make It:
The signature Minion look starts with striking spectacles, of course. Take two paper cups and cut them lengthwise, so that they are the width of  two of your fingers. These  rings are your spectacles and should be glued  together . Use the silver cardboard, cut it and form two rings matching the size of the spectacles, and glue on one side of the cup rings . Take the headband  and glue it on to the outer sides of the cup so that the cups and wear your minion spectacles proudly!

Makeup Tip: If teh ladies want to emphasize their eyes so that  they are more visible in the spectacles, try using mascara or false eye lashes.


The film ” Sharknado ” may be one of  the worst movies of all time according to Twitter and Social Media users, but we all know it is very popular and would truly be a fun costume to make!

halloween kostüme selber machen
© Jo and Sue blogspot.com via pinterest.com

For instruction on how to make this epic costume, check out this Youtube video. Are you ready to  make this memorable Halloween costume?



Wilson from the 90s television sitcom, “Home Improvement”

It’s the face we always wanted to get a glimpse of. The popular TV series from the 90s, Home Improvement, would not have been the same without the Taylors’ neighbour, Wilson. Replicate this loved character as your Halloween costume. It’s original, funny and very easy to make!

halloween kostüme selber machen
© buzzfeed.com via pinterest.com

What You Need:
– Plaid shirt
– Angler’s Hat
– Wooden popsicle sticks
– Glue

How To Make It:
You can’t be Wilson without a fence to cover yourself from view. For this, simply place the popsicle sticks together, to make a fence and use adhesive so that they stick. Get dressed up in your plaid shirt and get ready to say, “Howdy, Neighbour”!

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