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In just a few days, families throughout the world will be celebrating in the joy of Christmas. From drinking hot cocoa and sipping on spiced egg nog fireside, to the fragrant aroma of gingerbread cookies baking and chestnuts roasting, it is an occasion to relive traditions and indulge in moments of yesteryear.

This Christmas season, the eDreams team is travelling back in time to relive the memories of Christmas past with some of our favourite must-watch Christmas movies. Which movie do you watch every year during this time?

Miracle on 34th Street


Since 1947, this movie has warmed the coldest of winter nights with its message of faith and love and the magic of the holiday season. It’s a movie that plays every year and no matter how often you’ve seen it, it still holds the same magic it did the first time it was watched.

Elisa, Community Manager for eDreams Italy

Love Actually

Photo by @luli__june via Instagram

Full of whimsy and charm, this romantic comedy takes viewers on a journey of 10 characters, all experiencing different aspects of love. Everyone can identify with at least one of the stories displayed, and bonus: Watching the characters profess love like Mark’s declaration of love to Juliet, fills the heart with joy and is always entertaining.


Belén, is social media mediator for eDreams Italy


The Ten Commandments


This film was the first real example of a blockbuster, and it was made famous in part for its spectacular (in its time) special effects. It has been aired every Christmas for the past 50 years and is a movie that is recommended for lovers of poignant stories that weave in biblical references.

Kim, Community Manager, eDreams France


Big film
Photo by @aiseebee via Instagram

Even though the film’s plot isn’t about Christmas, BIG is a film that I love because it’s a reminder of the importance of staying young at heart and it helps keep the child within alive.

Ana, blogger for eDreams Spain

The Nightmare Before Christmas

nightmare before christmas

This is the perfect movie for everyone, from children to the elderly, and a favourite among cult fans of Tim Burton. The soundtrack is beautiful, but I also love it because it undoubtedly is a film unlike any other Christmas classic.

Lara, marketing for eDreams Spain


S.O.S. Fantasmi film
Photo by @liz_aka_2589 via Instagram

For me, a Christmas without Bill Murray is not Christmas. Any movie in his filmography is valid: Ghostbusters, Groundhog Day, Moonrise Kingdom, etc. However, there is a movie that is just perfect for this time: The very brilliant “Scrooged”. This is an amusing satire of “A Christmas Carol “, in which Murray is an unpleasant, ungrateful and relentless president of a TV chain, and on the evening of Christmas Eve, is visited by three curious characters that will change the way he sees Christmas. Ideal for a laugh and to bring out the best of the Christmas spirit that each of us holds hidden somewhere.

Daniel is in charge of social media for eDreams Spain

Edward Scissorhands

Edward Mani di Forbice film
Photo by @therealbellacupcake via Instagram

My favorite director this time of year is undoubtedly, Tim Burton. Among his films, the one I love most is definitely “Edward Scissorhands”, starring Johnny Depp in the leading role . Edward is the result of the invention of an old scientist who died without being able to finish his work, leaving the boy with two scissors instead of hands. When people find out they try to turn this boy into a grotesque local celebrity, going against his shy nature. I won’t spoil the ending, but I guarantee that it is a film full of sensibility, capable of making the toughest personality tear up.!

Anabela, is in charge of social media for eDreams Portugal

The Grinch


I personally think it’s a very sweet story because it is able to convince the viewer that even the most grumpy and negative person can be happy . And of course, that even the coldest of hearts can thaw.

Carla, Social Media  for eDreams.com

The Neverending Story

La Storia Infinita
Photo by @jdsawyer via Instagram

This film reminds me of my youth, when I was a child. I used to watch this with my mother every year during Chritmas, and every year, I love to watch it and reminisce.

Lillia, SEO for eDreams France

The Sound of Music

the sound of music movie poster
Photo by @Iloveamandaa via Intagram

To me, Christmas isn’t complete without watching The Sound of Music. It is a timeless classic that was passed to me by my parents and a tradition I hope to pass along to my children some day as well. The music is amazing, the characters are superb and the sentiment in the film is one of love, following beliefs and staying true, and it leaves the viewer feeling very happy. This movie is definitley one of my favorite things during Christmas!

Maite, SEO Content Specialist, eDreams USA, Int’l and UK

Mrs. Doubtfire

Mrs Doubtfire
Photo by @wboxoffice via Instagram

For me, this film is suitable for all audiences and is a great film to watch with the family. The great Robin Williams is phenomenal, too. I’ve seen this movie many times and it always evokes positive vibes.

Angela, in charge of SEO for eDreams Spain

We could not end this blog post without remembering some of the other Christmas classics and their timeless charm:

  • Polar Express (Animation, Robert Zemeckis, 2004)
  • The Gremlins (Fantasy, Joe Dante, 1984)
  • The Goonies (Adventure, Richard Donner, 1985)
  • Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (Fantasy, Mel Stuart, 1971)
  • A Christmas Carol (Fantasy, Robert Zemeckis, 2001)
  • Bad Santa (Comedy, Terry Zwigoff, 2003)

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