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If you happen to be in Barcelona on the 23 April you can celebrate San Jordi!

In fact, if you have booked flights to Barcelona to enjoy Easter in the city (Easter Sunday is on the 24 April this year) you cannot avoid this event.

San Jordi celebrates Saint George, the patron saint of Barcelona and it is perhaps one of the most romantic days in the city.

Why? On this day, couples traditionally exchange gifts – a man gives a woman a rose and a woman gives a man a book. That is why San Jordi is sometimes referred to as the day of the book or the day of the rose in Spanish.

On San Jordi day, the Rambla is converted into a huge stall selling only books and roses. So you know where to go if you want to impress your loved one on Saint George’s Day in Barcelona. It will make an Easter break in the city that bit more special.

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