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Did you know that Alicante has 218 km of coastline with beautiful beaches and 330 days of sunshine per year?

With this type of numbers it gets easier to pick a sunny destination if you want to explore Spain, right?

But the second biggest city in the community of Valencia has plenty to offer to its visitors besides the good weather. It also has friendly people, good food, and plenty of history hidden in the streets of the city centre.

Care to join us and let us convince you to visit Alicante? Here are 10 reasons you should do so!

1. The “Tabarca Island”. Without cars and with only 30 habitants, this small island is perfect to stop in time and enjoy the Mediterranean.

Tabarca Island
Photo: @alicante_city via Instagram

2. The “Santa BárbaraCastle, one of the best preserved castles in this area and from where you can enjoy an unforgettable view. Especially at sunset!

Santa Bárbara Castle
Photo by @eurowellness via Instagram

3. Go for a walk near the sea in the “Explanada de España” or “Rambla de Méndez Núñez”.

explanada de españa
Photo by @edlarrazil via Instagram

4. The rice. In every type and shape. But the “arroz a banda” is our favourite.

arroz a banda alicante
Photo by @lovelysundaytania via Instagram

5. Stroll by the white houses of the “Santa Cruzneighbourhood, the oldest in town.

Santa cruz
Photo by @kes_hia via Instagram

6. Starting the Saturday afternoon in the city centre (with all the locals) is one of the best plans to have a drink and enjoy the day. The Central Market is a good place to start!

alicante saturday
Photo by @mayka_mira via Instagram

7. Go for a dip in the “Postiguetbeach, one of the most famous beaches in the city as well as in the Valencian community.

el postiguet beach
Photo by @begoromanpastor via Instagram

8. The “Santa Pola” salt flats, just a few kilometres away from the city, are able to offer breathtaking landscapes that seem from another world.

santa pola salt flats
Photo by @gvaparcsnaturals via Instagram

9. The MARQ (Archaeological Museum of Alicante) was awarded the “Best European Museum” in 2004 and tells the story of this town since Prehistory until the current day.

marq Archaeological Museum of Alicante
Photo by @lisen.li via Instagram

10. Discover the beauty hidden in the cliffs of “Cabo de las Huertas”, close to the “San Juan” beach.

cabo de las huertas
Photo by @araujoharley via Instagram

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  1. Alicante is really charming port city very joyful to visit.

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