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Mm, can you hear it? The marches, the polkas, the oompah? The clinging of the 1 litre beer mugs? It’s Oktoberfest time!

Maybe the most popular beer festival in the world, Oktoberfest, will officially start the 17th of September in Munich. In case you’re going, or planning to do so (it runs until October 3rd), please send us postcards (and beer and gingerbread!).

But if you’re curious to learn about other places where you can also celebrate Oktoberfest, take a look at this list: from Brazil, to Ireland and Canada.

Oktoberfest Belgrano (Argentina)

Photo by welcomeargentina.com
Photo by welcomeargentina.com

Dates: October 3-13, 2016

Argentina’s very own Oktoberfest has been held every year since 1964. They have an exclusive venue designed for the occasion and celebrate for ten consecutive days.

Oktoberfest Blumenau (Brazil)

Oktoberfest Blumenau 2014
image by Vitor Pamplona on flickr

Dates: October 5-23, 2016

The story says the town was founded by Hermann Bruno Otoo Blumenau with the help of 17 other German immigrants. After the Mother Festival in Munich, the Blumenau Oktoberfest is maybe the most important in the world. Everything in Blumenau conspires to get you in the Bavarian mood: the buildings, the music, the food, and of course, the beer.

Oktoberfest Kitchener-Waterloo (Canada)

kitchener waterloo oktoberfest

Dates: October 7-15, 2016

“Canada’s Greatest Bavarian Festival” kicks off and the streets of Kitchener get crowded with Oktoberfest fans. Parades, costumes, bands, food and, of course, lots of beer.

The Marco Polo German Bier Fest (Hong Kong)

Photo by gbfhk.com
Photo by Gbfhk.com

Dates: October 16-November 7, 2015 (Not confirmed yet for 2016)

The name might confuse you but it’s the same Oktoberfest celebration. They claim to be the oldest beerfest in Asia, so if you’re stopping by China, make sure you go to this festival!

Oktberfest Denver (USA)

Photo by Denver Oktoberfest via Facebook
Photo by Denver Oktoberfest via Facebook

Dates: September 23-30 and October 1-2, 2016

Keg bowling, long dog derby (daschunds), Bratwurst eating contest, concerts and lots of Oktoberfest spirit!

Oktoberfest Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam)

Photo by Oktoberfestvietnam.com
Photo by Oktoberfestvietnam.com

Dates: October 6-8 and 12-15, 2016

Pho and Bratwursts? Sounds like a great idea!

Oktoberfest Dublin (Ireland)

oktoberfest dublin 2014

Dates: September 15-October 2, 2016

Another great place to experience the feeling of Oktoberfest in is Dublin, where the Bavarian and Irish spirit merge to create a monstrous but terribly fun party, in which beer is poured into mugs, strength and drinking contests are organized, and a Miss Oktoberfest Dublin is chosen.

And if these places don’t convince you, here’s a more complete list of some of the bigger Oktoberfest festivals around the world:

  • New York Oktoberfest (USA): from September 17-18 and 24-25 and October 1-2, 2016
  • Stockholm Oktoberfest (Sweden): from September 1-3 and 8-10, 2016
  • Calella Oktoberfest (Spain): from October 1-22, 2016

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