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Some travellers say that on the 31st of December, one of the most glamorous long nights of the year, cities everywhere become more magical; they are brighter and livelier than on any other night. If you’re thinking about spending New Year’s Eve somewhere abroad but haven’t made up your mind yet, here’s a list of the coolest cities of the moment to begin the New Year in.


On December 31, Berlin, the night owl city par excellence, explodes into a massive outdoor party for New Year’s Eve. All the way between the Brandenburg Gate and the Victory Column you will find food and drinks stands of all types, as well as various stages where live rock and pop concerts are held. The fireworks display that takes place after midnight is awesome!



The New Year of the Roman Forum is now a tradition in Rome,one that gets more and more fans, not only from Rome, but all over the world. This year, to welcome 2016, an all-female trio will perform: Giorgia, Nina Zilli and Emma Brown, who will sing and dance until late at night.



The Hogmanay, the festival that takes place in the city from December 29 until January 1, is in fact the largest New Year’s Eve party in the world. Street performers, parties, fireworks and performances of all kinds await the visitors from the Royal Mile to Calton Hill Hill. But it is on December 31st that the party reaches its climax with the Edinburgh’s Hogmanay Street Party: thousands of people descend on the streets of downtown for a night of music and celebration, warmed up by several glasses of beer!



For New Year, Madrid’s explosive atmosphere becomes highly contagious. On the 31st of December, after dinner, everyone heads to the Puerta del Sol, where thousands of people gather to welcome the new year. People bring grapes and bottles of sparkling wine and dress up using wigs, hats and masks.

image by Borkur on flickr


Every New Year, charming Moscow becomes particularly bright and welcoming. Regardless of the cold, the city is dressed up in lights and Christmas decorations and people pour into the street to celebrate 2016. In the Red Square, a traditional concert is the perfect party background until just before midnight, when the countdown begins, marked by the clocks of the Spasskaya Tower. The night continues with dancing, music, fireworks and lots of vodka!

image by chismeister on flickr

Where are you spending your New Year’s Eve? Wherever you go, we wish you happy celebrations!

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