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Carl Warner, the British artist who specializes in still life and commercial photography,  has taken the expression “Don’t play with your food!” to a whole new level! His Foodscape collection in particular is a favorite of ours. What is it? Well, exactly what it sounds like – landscapes made of food! Veg, meat, sweets, you name it, all creatively arranged on top of a large table-like surface.

Carl and Lettuce Seascape

On his website, the artist mentions that photographing food is an extremely time sensitive process, since aliments can easily go bad under the heat of the lights. For this reason, and because capturing the entire scene in one single shot would prove tricky, Warner photographs his creations from different angles and puts the shots together post production to form the final image.

We are incredibly fascinated with his Destination Foodscapes and wanted to share these magical compositions with you:

1) Chinese Junk

In this creation, the ships and the surroundings are made of Asian ingredients such as soya yellow beans, noodles, hou tou kou mushrooms and bok choy. These Chinese Junks may not be built for extensive voyages, but they sure look tasty!


2) Chrysler Building

We are all familiar with this Art Deco skyscraper located in New York, but few of us have ever seen it like this …made of greens!


3)  Foods of Switzerland

What better way to represent Switzerland than by building a Swiss landscape out of Swiss cheese!

Foods of switzerland

4) Great Wall of Pineapple

Mix some pineapple, with some red peppers and black kidney beans and you get….the Great Wall of China!

great wall of pineapple

5)  London Skyline

Warner used fruit and veg to put together this amazing representation of the London skyline.  Green beans and cherry tomatoes for the London Eye, sweet corn, courgettes, melon and carrots for St. Paul’s Cathedral and lemons with an asparagus mix for the Parliament…delish!


6)  Paris Boulevard

We must say, the Eiffel Tower, made of sponge cake, raspberries and chocolate covered toffee, is looking particularly heavenly. This composition is a great tribute to French chocolatiers because let’s be honest, Paris is not just for lovers, it’s for foodies too!


7) The Mayan Pepper Temple

We love the pepper and bean temple, and even more so the rice man with his stylish sombrero and the cocoa bean donkey!

the mayan pepper temple

8) The Onion Taj Mahal

This recipe calls for coconut walls, sweet corn minarets and onion domes…we bet Muslim Mogul Emperor Shah Jahan would have never imagined that his mausoleum could be turned into a healthy snack!

the onion taj mahal

9) The Rialto Bridge

Warner turned this iconic landmark of Venice into… pasta! There’s really nothing more fitting than using fusilli, lasagna sheets or penne to represent the Italian culture and its cuisine.

the rialto bridge

10) Tuscan Landscape

This is one of three Tuscan landscapes made by the artist, composed of Italian ingredients such as peppers, garlic, pasta, and Parmesan cheese. Oh, and let’s not forget the mozzarella clouds!

Tuscan Landscape

Don’t these photos just make you hungry for travel? Which one is your favourite?

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