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It’s no surprise you’ve got a seat on one of the biggest airlines in Europe… But what about your bags?

Sure, easyJet’s hand luggage allowance and baggage costs aren’t as strict as those of Ryanair or other airlines, but it’s best to know what you’re dealing with ahead of time.

Let us explain all you need to know when it comes to easyJet’s hand luggage allowance, including liquids and foods allowed onboard. We’ll keep you up to date about the latest easyJet checked baggage policy, including checked bag sizes, weights and associated fees.

easyJet baggage allowance - eDreams

easyJet hand luggage allowance

Each passenger can bring a small cabin bag (maximum size 45 x 36 x 20cm) on-board when travelling with easyJet with no weight limit.  It includes items like a small trolley case, handbag, rucksack and laptop bag. There is no weight limit on small cabin baggage.

Passengers who have booked with  an Up Front or Extra Legroom seat or paid to add a large cabin bag to their booking can also bring on board a large cabin bag. The easyJet large cabin bag  size is 56 x 45 x 25 cm including the wheels and any handles.

Additionally, you will have to check the extra bags if you bring more than the allowed amount of luggage and pay the easyJet airport hold luggage fee of $50/45€/£40 for each item at the check-in desk.

If you reach the boarding gate with too many carry-ons, the price increases to $63/56€/£50 per extra item.

Infants and children that do not have their own seat and travel on their parent’s lap do not have a hand luggage allowance, so their items must be stored in the adult’s baggage.

Liquids in hand luggage on easyJet

There are several rules regarding what can be included in your easyJet cabin bag and what should be left at home.

Keep in mind that the word “liquid” encompasses a broader meaning than you might first think. For instance, lipsticks, hand creams, and deodorants are also considered liquids.

easyJet’s Liquid Rules:

  • The liquid must be in a container that has a volume no larger than 100 ml.
  • Larger containers are not permitted even if they are nearly empty.
  • All liquid containers must be stored in a 1 litre size transparent plastic bag.
  • The bag must be able to zip shut and can not exceed 20 x 20 cm.
  • All liquids must be presented at the security check at the airport.
  • You can bring a maximum of 10 containers of 100ml.

Read more about restricted hand luggage items.

Can you bring food on an easyJet aeroplane?

All passengers are allowed to bring food onboard with them in their carry-on luggage.
It is permitted to bring drinks onboard, but they must be bought after the security gate to comply with hand luggage liquids restrictions mentioned above.

easyJet checked baggage allowance

You can purchase checked baggage allowance during online booking. Normal prices for hold luggage are between $10.30-$48.70/8.99€ and 55.99€/£6.99-£42.49 for online bookings and $55/50€/£45 for airport check-in

Careful: if the checked baggage costs have to be applied at the gate, you’ll pay $63/56€/£50.

Each passenger that pays for a checked baggage can bring a maximum of 23 kg with dimensions up to 275 cm (length + width + height). You can buy extra weight in 3kgs units, up to a maximum of 32kg per bag. You can check more than one bag as hold luggage as long as the total weight does not exceed 23 kg. If you’re travelling with another person or group on the same flight and booking, you can pool your total weight allowance.

easyJet excess baggage fees only apply to online bookings and are done in $15/13,50€/£12 per 3 kg increments up to 32 kg. If you haven’t booked online, extra weight is charged at $15/13,50€/£12 per kilo at the airport.

It is recommended not to exceed 23 kg per bag though you’re permitted to carry up to a 32 kg maximum.

Sports equipment with easyJet

Passengers can take sports equipment as checked luggage at an additional cost.

Small pieces (golf clubs, snowboards, skis, paragliders, etc.) up to 20 kg cost $47/42€/£37 online and $60/53€/£47 at the airport.

Large pieces (canoes, kayaks, bikes, surfboards, etc.) up to 32 kg cost $57/50€/£45 online and $70/62€/£55 at the airport.

easyJet’s new coronavirus precautions

Flying amid the coronavirus pandemic can be daunting, but easyJet has new safety measures in place to ensure the safety of all passengers. Here’s how:

  • Social distancing rules will apply at the airport and when boarding the plane.
  • A face covering must be worn at all times, including inside the airport and for the duration of the flight.
  • You may be asked to board the plane row by row, depending on your seat number.
  • Once onboard, you will stow your own cabin bag and close the overhead lockers yourself.
  • The food offered onboard will be limited, and there will be no paper menu available.
  • All of easyJet’s aircraft are fitted with HEPA filters, the same as those used in hospitals.
  • The cabins are all disinfected daily.

We hope these tips are helpful for the next time you fly with easyJet!

Ready for your next adventure? Book your easyJet flights now!

162 responses to “easyJet Baggage Allowance: Hand Luggage & Checked Bags

  1. Hi, I booked my flight on kiki.com and didn’t check in any baggage. Yesterday morning I could not add checked baggage in Manage the booking so I contacted them before the 48 hours limit but they answered late so they couldn’t do anything for me. Where and how can I check my baggage online? If I can’t who can I contact at EasyJet to help me? My flight is from London to Reykjavík tomorrow in the afternoon. Thanks ?

  2. How do I pay for checked bags in “Manage Booking?” I only see it for hold luggage. I decided to check a bag in after booking.

  3. Hi, I have a suitable sized case that fits your cabin overhead sizes, my question is I usually put our passports, phone, ereader, any food and drink in a small shoulder bag is this allowed or what do I do to ensure no extra fees once I arrive at the airport.

  4. Hi Guy,

    From experience I have a duffel bag with the dimensions 59x33x28cm – how strict are RyanAir with the dimensions of hand luggage. My duffel bag is pretty close to the requirements and just want to know whether these dimensions are a cause to worry about.


  5. Hi will i be able to put my hand luggage in the hold at checkin or do i have to do it at the gate ?

  6. There are two types of tickets. The premium ones allow two bags. Otherwise, you need to get it all into one bag in order to get passed the gate. Or buy some cargo pants and stuff your pockets.
    Money belts don’t count.

  7. There’s no limit to cabin bag weight. You could carry lead bricks, so long as you can pick it up without straining.
    4 people can share a bag up to 20kg. When I travel as a group, we usually have one hold bag between us, so that we can put all the liquids and other things that security gets fussy about into this one bag. The rest goes in cabin.

  8. I use a cpap machine as I have sleep apnoea. Does this count as part of my hand luggage or is it a separate item that is counted in with my allowance?

  9. Hi, i have a portable charger and i have no idea if it will be allowed on the plane in my hand luggage or my hold luggage? anyone got any advice because its really handy to have when out and about and i would hate to leave it behind or have it confisated at security 🙁

  10. I have a piece of camera equipment (a phone stabilizer) which has a custom rechargeable battery in the removable handle. I can separate the battery, but I do not want the equipment confiscated. Will they let it through? What do I do if they wont let it through? Can I post it home or something? (And not miss my flight).
    PS. I do not have hold luggage. Only a cabin bag booked.


  11. If there are 4 people and one case to go in the hold. Is that 20kl or 23kl max?

  12. If a bag is put on it’s side, the width is longer than the height. It doesn’t matter which side you call the width and which one the length. Think you were super stressed out or tired when you asked that question 😉

  13. Hey! Can I book hold luggage for ONE WAY ONLY, even though my flight is return?

    I am going to London for Christmas, then back to DK before NYE, and then back to London for a semester abroad, so I need to bring one suitcase for Christmas, leave it there, and then another one in January. Trouble is, I can’t seem to find an option of checking luggage only one way…?


  14. Important information share in this blog when you travel in Europe Airplane(especially on easyJet). So follow the rules and regulation of EasyJet when traveling with Hand luggage.

  15. Can I bring a backpack along with a small carry-on bag without having to pay extra?

  16. You say EasyJet are not as strict as RyanAir yet I can take a small extra bag on without quibble on RyanAir and EasyJet used to do this, but appear to now be totally inflexible! Pathetic!

  17. If my hand baggage bag is too big and I pay the £30 will my bag still stay in hand luggage with me or will it go into hold?

  18. Can we take a skateboard with us as hand luggage? This past summer we flew Transavia and it was no problem at all and at the airport we even met an American carrying a skateboard as hand luggage.

  19. Can I take nail varnish remover, sun cream, moisturisers and clearasil in my main suitcase. Is there a liquid limit?

  20. I plan to take a large telescope to Madrid, but the overall dimensions are 210cm x 43cm x 45cm. This adds up to 298cm. Any way round this? Weight is 20kg.

  21. Why is the hand luggage height in the picture more than the width? I have a bag of 37cm in height and 50cm in width, so does that mean it does not qualify as hand luggage?

  22. Am I correct that an easyJeft plus passenger may bring 2 cabin bags, 1 for the overhead bin, and 1 for under the seat?

  23. We are travelling in two weeks and I think I am right in saying we cannot take on aerosol deodorant or perfume is we are only taking carry on luggage with us. Also does suntan lotion go under liquids to take on the plane? Thank you

  24. What is the maximum size wedding dress box you can take as hand luggage on easy jet flights

  25. I am bringing one small piece of hand luggage, I am also bringing my handbag,is it ok stored underneath my seat on the plane? I have
    always done this with other airlines.

  26. Hi Coral! Hand/cabin luggage is what you’re allowed to carry on to the plane by yourself. Hold/checked baggage are the bags that you check-in and they go into the hold of the plane (Large suitecases, etc). Hope this helps!

  27. i want to book hold luggage one way from liverpool to Larnaca but how much will that cost the site wont allow me to that and charges both ways by the looks of things

  28. So is your laptop counted as your 1 piece of allowed handlugagge or can it be put inside your hand luggage bag?

  29. What size case are you allowed to take for hold luggage and how much will this cost.

  30. What’s the difference between hold luggage and cabin luggage? Is hold luggage a suitcase?

  31. Hi, Evgenios. easyJet’s hold lugagge policy states no single hold luggage can weight more than 32kg, so your 30kg bag should be permitted. You will however, pay excess baggage fees for every kilo your luggage goes over the allowed 20kg. easyJet excess baggage fees are € 4 online per kilo, or € 13 per kilo at the airport. Thanks!

  32. we need to take car booster cushions for the other car, will these be viewed as hand luggage as the children will sit on them for the flight, or can we still have their hand luggage allowance?

  33. hi there, we are two people traveling, i already have a hold luggage for one person, i was wondering, is it possible the other person to purchase one hold luggage as well, so then with two prepaid hold luggage can we take one big suitcase which weights 30kg ?


  34. Hello, Saoirse. We are happy to hear you will be travelling to Paris- it’s lovely! eastjet now permits one peice of cabin luggage, with no weight limit and free of charge, should you want to combine items with your party. Your size limitation to ensure the baggage stays in the cabin are: 50 x 40 x 20cm including handles and wheels. If your bag is their max size of 56 x 45 x 25cm, it may be placed in the hold on busy flights. We hope that we helpful!

  35. Hi we are travelling to Paris I have paid for the exra bag but if cabin bags are 10kg each and there’s 3 of us can it all be put in one case for check in

  36. hIta just wondering if we were able to take a few Chinese lanterns in our suitcase in hold luggage that we can let off on our holiday in Rome in March?? thanks.

  37. Hi, I am planning to take my skateboard to Amsterdam next month on an easy jet plane. I was wondering what the policy was and the requirements for me to take it on as hand luggage i.e. if I have to take it apart etc.

  38. Hi Karelyn Castañeda, checked luggage is not included in the ticket price. If you would like to add checked luggage here is more info:

    Each passenger that pays to check a bag can bring a maximum of 20kg. You can check more than one bag as hold luggage as long as the total weight does not pass 20 kg. The exact fee for easyJet hold luggage will be displayed during the online booking process, but will be between €13-25/£10-20.

  39. How many check in luggages & how many kilos each person allowed for us, we are 4, 2 adults& 2 kids

  40. Hi @juliejuleshudson:disqus , The new hand luggage dimensions is only for hand luggage that is guaranteed to fly in the cabin with you. These dimensions are: 50 x 40 x 20 cm. You can still bring 1 piece of hand luggage with the larger dimensions, but if there is no room on the aircraft you may be asked to check it, free of charge.

  41. I am flying next week and only have cabin baggage not hold luggage – i measured my bag and it is 53x38x22 so i believe it will fit in the overhead locker but i have just seen the cabin sizes have been reduced ? will i be able to fly with this onboard or am i likely to be charged and made to put this in the hold?

  42. I have added 2 hold items of 20 kilograms each. Can one of them weight 25 and the other one 15 kilograms as long as the total does not exceed the 40 kilograms?

  43. Hi,I’m travelling to Milan on Saturday and seem confused with the hold luggage payment.I’ll like to pay for an extra check in bag that wouldn’t exceed 20kg.Does paying for hold luggage online suffice?.If not,what does hold luggage mean.I’m clear with the allowable checked in and hang luggage allowa

  44. My husband has got a nocturnal CPAP where does he stand weight wise in overhead lockers

  45. Hi Sian,
    Yes, you may bring the larger size cabin baggage and if there is no space onboard it will be checked free of charge.
    As of April 30, 2013 all easyJet passengers must check-in online. Online
    check-in is available online from 30 days to up to 2 hours before the
    scheduled flight departure.

  46. Good evening please can you clarify?

    I can take the larger size cabin baggage, but it may get checked into the hold free of charge?

    Also I have added my advanced passenger information, do I need to print boarding passes?

    Many thanks,

  47. hi I am fying out in just over a week. and did not book in a suitcase, am I able to book 1 in now online.

  48. can i have 2 small luggages 20 kg both of them rather than 1 big luggage?
    thank you!

  49. Hi, I have one 20kg baggage allowance and a free 10kg allowance for my infant, does this mean all 30kgs have to be in one bag or is it ok to split and check two 15kg bags into the hold with no extra fee? Thanks

  50. From Easyjet’s website:

    There’s no weight constriction for cabin baggage, as long as you can place and retrieve the cabin bag safely in the overhead lockers without assistance .

  51. Hi Halit

    easyJet does not offer a free hold luggage allowance. You must pay extra if you would like to check a bag.

    “You can add up to three items of hold luggage per passenger while booking online. There is a charge for each hold item.”

  52. Hi chelsea
    I am afraid I did not pay for a hold luggage. Simply because easy jet says ” all passengers including children are entitled one hold luggage to check in”.. Last two days I and two others are debating and all agree this means free hold luggage per person.
    Do we understand that all of us are wrong and if we want to check in hold luggage we should pay for it. ?


  53. Hi @disqus_qlOxQf8vAv:disqus, If you paid for the hold luggage during the booking process then I would call the airline to double check or log-in to manage your booking on their website.

  54. I printed my check in ticket and now I am confused. İt states (NO HOLD LUGGAGE). But I do have hold luggage and at booking I read each pasenger can check in with one 20 KG HOLD LUGGAGE.
    So whats happening.
    I can not go back and edit my check in either.
    Can anybody help ?

  55. I have bought a 20kg hold baggage. Can I check in two bags with total weight less than 20kg? I was confused by the rule that 20kg per bag rule on the website.

    “1 checked bags between all passengers combined up to a total combined weight of 20kg.”

  56. Hi @claudiaiturralde:disqus

    If you buy the hold luggage online:
    “Fee varies depending on the route
    selected. Additional charges apply for each 1kg of excess weight over
    20kg up to a maximum of 32kg per hold item.”
    GBP 10 – 20
    EUR 13 – 25

    If you buy hold luggage at the airport:
    Fee per hold item weighing up to 20kg when bought
    at the airport
    GBP 30 (at bag drop desk) GBP 45 (at boarding gate)
    EUR 35 (at bag drop desk) EUR 55 (at boarding gate)

  57. Hi Chelsea,

    Are you sure about the 10kg limit to the hand baggage allowance?
    Quote from this page: http://www.easyjet.com/en/planning/cabin-baggage

    “No weight restriction applies as long as you can place and retrieve the cabin bag safely in the overhead lockers without assistance
    On busy flights you may be asked to place your guaranteed size cabin bag under the seat in front. Small items must always be placed underneath the seat in front for safety.”


  58. hi, I’ve just realised that I need more space but haven’t paid for checked in luggage. Will I definitely be able to pay for a 20kg suitcase at the airport and how much will it cost?

  59. Hi Tony,

    The easyJet policy for golf equipment is the following:

    One item of Sports equipment can be carried in addition to Your Hold Baggage allowance; Golf equipment (including golf shoes) up to 20kg.

  60. Just returned from a golf trip from Murcia. last 3 outings have always packed clothes in golf bag for the hold at 23 kg. This time had to pay 39 Euros for 3kg excess even though I had no cabin baggage. My friend with his 20Kg golf clubs had his 10kg cabin baggage checked in the hold free of charge. He gets 30kg free and I get a bill for 3kg excess. Is it Logical? Is it fair. I don’t think so. Golfers beware !

  61. Hi Karen,

    Yes, you may bring the buggy free of charge and it can can usually be taken to the
    boarding gate or aircraft door as appropriate but do check local
    airport regulations as these can differ.

  62. Hi Larisa, The only items you can bring in addition to the one piece of cabin luggage are: an overcoat, shawl,
    umbrella, crutches or walking frame/stick and one standard size bag of
    duty free goods from the departure airport.

  63. Hi Chelsea, I’ve always been able to bring my hand bag as well as my carry on cabin luggage with me…..after reading your blog I don’t think that is possible now am I correct?

  64. Ola! I’ve just added on 1 hold item to my online booking, do I need to add another for my return flight? Thanks

  65. Hi Chelsea,

    Excess weight online is definitely £6-00 per kilo. It does go up increments of 3kg

    which is charged at £18-00 per case thus £18 divided by 3 = £6-00 per kilo or am i being overcharged?

  66. Hi Nick,
    As long as it fits inside your hand luggage. I would be worried it would be crushed! Also, you will need to check to make sure you can bring plants into the country you are traveling to from the country of departure.

  67. Hi Frank,

    The price per extra kilo paid online is £3 or EUR 4 or CHF 6. However, when paying for excess weight online it can only be purchased in increments of 3kgs, meaning a total of £9 to bring the 23kgs. Cheers!

  68. Hi there, I have just added on 1 hold item to my online booking, do I need to book separately for my return flight? Thanks 🙂

  69. Thanks Chelsea,
    Actually the charge on line is £6-00 per kilo 3 extra kilos is £18-00 per person.
    I f i pay that amount on line can each case weigh up to 23 kilos? May sound a bit daft but i like to be sure .

  70. Flying to Malaga Easyjet flexi fare. This already includes a 20kg luggage allowance. We intend to add 3kg to each hold luggage item at time of booking. Am i right in thinking each case can weigh up 23kg. 2 persons traveling

  71. I booked with on the beach.co.uk, so im not sure if i can directly contact easyjet for them to do this? i was wondering if its possible to add one ONE hold luggage for 20kg, but instead bring two suitcases (me and my friends) both 10kg each? so it adds up to 20kg anyway but its two suitcases not one?

  72. Hi Chelsea, i payed with on the beach.co.uk, so i’m not sure if i can directly contact easyjet? with on the beach it will be £43 to add one on hold luggage.. i think thats a bit too much.. but would it be any cheaper if i payed at the airport?

  73. Hi Lissa,

    You can bring 1 piece of hand luggage weighing 10kg for free:
    “Each passenger is allowed one piece of hand baggage on-board. The easyJet hand luggage size is 56 x 45 x 25 cm”. If this is not enough then you should contact easyJet to add a hold luggage to your booking before your flight.

  74. hey i;ve already booked a holiday for summer and didnt add hold luggages..if me and my friend don’t pay online how much weight can we bring to the airport with no charge? or do we need to definitely pay for our hold luggages?

  75. Chelsea, Thankyou for that..so I must log back into my online booking to add that i’ll be taking 1 x case?

  76. Hi James, You can contact easyJet to add a 20kg checked bag before your flight to save money or you can pay the increased price and check the case at the airport for a fee of €35/£30

  77. Hi, I booked my easyjet tickets online and pressed checked in button..does this mean I can still bring a 20kg case with me and check it in when I arrive at airport?

  78. hi chelsea thank u for gettin back to me. sorry slightly confused what does paid for checked bag mean. i paid for 2 flights and we were just going to take 2 small cases on board but only one travelling now can i still bring the 2 cases on board or can i amend my booking to a larger suitcase to go in the hold at no extra cost. sorry for the confusion

  79. Hi Jamie, you may not bring two sets of hand luggage, however if the second person has paid for a checked bag you may use their checked baggage allowance even if they do not make the flight.

  80. hi if i have booked 2 tickets and the other person cant make the trip can i bring 2 sets of hand luggage on board the plane

  81. Hi Natalia, There is a flat fee for hold luggage that doesn’t pass 20kg. The exact fee will be displayed during the online booking process but is between £10-20.

  82. If my hold luggage will not exceed 20 kg I have to pay £8. Is it right? Where can I pay?

  83. Hi Paul,
    Exactly, you can only bring 1 carry-on with easyJet so you would need to check your roller bag or find a way to fit your messenger bag into the roller bag to board.

  84. Here in the US we’re use to being allowed to carry on one carry on bag, plus one personal bag like a purse or laptop bag. I’m trying to understand how this works for easyJet. It sure sounds like that would count as two bags and those extra bags would have to be checked in. Do I have that right?

    I generally travel with one roller bag, plus a messenger style bag for my laptop, iPad, headphones, etc. Sounds like I might need to check my roller bag on this flight.

  85. does anyone know what is the size in cm for a baggage on hold or checked in baggage (not cabin)for easy jet flights is it 75 cm helight??? the website of easy jet does not specify that size …quite urgent does someone know-
    I am travelling tomorrow morning! italian time. thanks million, adelina

  86. Easyjet and Ryanair both say “only one piece of hand luggage per passenger.
    Both Manchester Airport and the Duty Free shops say that “By law, a bag from the Duty Free Shop with their purchases in is allowed in addition to the Hand Luggage”. Why do they say this when the airlines still won’t allow it and, in fact, take items off passengers?

  87. Hold baggage is checked baggage and cabin baggage is carry-on luggage which you bring on-board with you.

    The maximum size of hand luggage is: 56 x 45 x 25 cm but to guarantee it will not be checked (free of charge) it should not be larger than 50 x 40 x 20 cm.

    If you pay for checked luggage ahead of time you will not need to pay at the airport unless your baggage exceeds the maximum weight. You can add up to three items of hold luggage per passenger while booking online. There is a charge for each hold item.

  88. Hello! 🙂
    So, Hold baggage is not the same thing as Cabin baggage. I can take Cabin baggage with me, and it’s smaller one (50*40*20, 10kg). Am I right? So when I go on EasyJet site there is extra option for Hold baggage that I can pay, and I can choose to 20kg. Is that everything that I’ll need to pay, or I’d have to extra pay in the airport? And are there any special dimensions for Hold baggage? Their site is so confusing.

  89. Hi,
    This one is great and is really a good post. I think it will help me a lot in the related stuff and is very much useful for me. Very well written I appreciate.
    —— Luggage cover

  90. Hi, im traveling next week, an hold luggage size is height 70cm depth25.5cm width44cm im alout to take this luggage,also I don’t think that is more then 20 kg?

  91. What food items are allowed? Salami and other such products? Cured/treated meat! Is it preferred that they be vacuum sealed?

  92. Hi,
    What about perfume or hairspray in check-in baggage?
    As far as I know, other airlines permit it. I have just booked a flight and I am about to regret it if I won’t be able to bring my toiletteries in my check-in baggage…

  93. Hi,
    What about perfume or hairspray? As far as I know other airlines permit it. It doesn’t make sense otherwise. I just booked a flight and I’m about to regret it if I won’t be able to bring my toiletteries in my check-in baggage.

  94. Hi Daniel, you can only bring one piece of hand luggage so you would need to check a bag with your suit to be able to bring this extra item. Or you can check your hand luggage and bring the suit as your carry-on. Hope this helps.

  95. Hi Chelsea!
    Eu son un rapaz galego que non entende nada de inglés. ¿Qué podo facer? Pódesme dar clases particulares? Un biquiño fermosa!

  96. Hi, I am carrying a backpack (weight max 10kg), how much will it cost to bring with me a suit?

  97. Yes you can bring any amount of liquids in the hold suitcase, but they cannot be the following types of liquids:

    Flammable liquids and solids.
    Oxidisers such as bleaching powders.
    Organic peroxides.
    Tear gas devices or any gas cylinders.
    Infectious substances such as live virus materials.
    Wet-cell car batteries.
    Magnetrons.Instruments containing mercury.
    Instruments containing magnets.
    Fireworks and pyrotechnics.
    Non-safety matches.
    Fire lighters, lighter fuel, paints, thinners.
    Poisons, arsenic, cyanide, weedkiller.
    Radioactive materials, acids, corrosives, alkalis, caustic soda.
    Creosote, quicklime, oiled paper.
    Vehicle fuel system components which have contained fuel.
    Explosives, ammunition, detonators and related equipment.
    Smoke canisters and smoke cartridges.

  98. Yes, just remember “It is recommended that the individual weight of each bag does not exceed 23kg, although the law states that the maximum weight per bag is 32 kg”

  99. So, if we are travelling in a larger group, say 8 people, is it possible to have only 4 hold luggages checked in ?

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