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Flybe is a low cost airline, and as all experienced budget travelers know, that means we need to pay extra attention to what we pack and more importantly, what we pack it in. Keep reading to see all you need to know about Flybe baggage allowance, including hand luggage and checked baggage, with information about the special student baggage deal offered.

If you’re looking for information about other airlines baggage allowance, see our Baggage Allowance Rules by Airline.

Flybe baggage allowance

Flybe Carry On Baggage Allowance

Each passenger flying with the Essentials or New Economy fare is allowed to bring 1 piece of cabin luggage with the maximum dimensions of 55cm x 35cm x 20cm (including handle and wheels). Plus passengers may bring as well a laptop or small item at no extra fee. Both the carry on and the small bag under the seat should not exceed the 10kg maximum combined.

There are bag gauges at Flybe check-in desks and at the boarding gate that specify the size restrictions. Any bags that exceed the baggage allowance, either by size or weight, will be checked for an extra fee of £50.

Flybe Checked Baggage Allowance

The checked baggage allowance depends on the fare of each passenger. Passengers traveling with the Just Fly fare do not have a hold bag included in the price of their ticket. During the online booking process, checked baggage can be bought at a reduced price compared to airport prices.

Get more fare passengers have 23kg of checked baggage included in the price of their ticket and may upgrade the amount of hold weight at an extra charge.

All in fare passengers can bring up to 46kg of hold luggage distributed in 2 bags.

There are no size restrictions, but overweight baggage will incur a fee of £15/€20 per excess kilo.

Flybe Student Baggage Deal

Students can upgrade the amount of checked baggage from 23kg to 46kg for free by showing their student ID card at the airport bag drop desk. Students traveling on the Essentials fare must purchase 23kg of checked luggage online during the booking process and at the airport this amount will be upgraded to 46kg for free.

Now that all your baggage questions have been answered, book your Flybe flights on eDreams now!

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9 responses to “Flybe Baggage Allowance: Carry on and Checked Luggage

  1. Hi Carla C., excuse me, but can you tell me where I can find someone who can answer on my questions from your company? I have send yesterday questions on facebook and through your web page costumer service, still no answers and it is emerge. That is a reason because I delay with buying tickets because I need first answers from you company? I will repeat my questions in the segment below:
    1. I can not find an option for taking ticket with “checked baggage (23kg)”, I only get option for buying ticket “without checked luggage”, please let me know how to take that option? If it is possible extra I would like to know can I do it directly with Austria airlines or I through Edreams?
    2. Except “total price” and “Credit card fee”, is there any other expenses that will be charged?

  2. Hi Carla

    booking reference – 7CV9AM – Stockholm to rome 3 tickets

    I booked my flight through e dreams , when i went to airport , the airlnes did not board me,stating that i need a multiple entry schengen visa to board this fligjht, i am a tourist with single entry schengen visa. even though it was a direct flight, i lost money and also hotel and my entire family lost an holiday.. when booking this flight , edreams did not ask me for multiple entry visa nor did not ethopian airlines asked me to ask me for multiple entry visa when i did web check-in. overall edreams screwed my trip to rome, never will i book tickets or hotels and will advise my friend to avoid it…a

  3. @carlaodigeo i just booked a wrong flight from turkey. They are now closed. My reservation:1966089453 I have to cancel it. Please help me so i can book with correct destination again.

  4. I booked 4 tickets to miami with edreams and the company. After taking the money of course. Give me only one ticket. When i sent emails they just ignore them. When i call they tell me the customer care dep. Have to take care f this but they wouldnt give me any phone number. Or any way to contact them besides the email. Yes the email addres that never response my mails… Even one of the operators told me that they give me only one ticket and they wont change a thing…. I have pictures of the payment screen and the amount of passengers. And after seeing them they said that only customer service can help me but again .. They are not giving me any way to contact them…. Im looking for legal advise right now….

  5. Flybe hand luggage allowance may have changed since this article was first published, it is now 55 x 35 x 20cm, still 10kg.

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