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Searching for flights for your next trip but need some extra hours to think about it? 

Still waiting to align all the plans with your travel partner but want to lock in the deal you’ve found?

Now you can book your flight and cancel it later for free within a timeframe!

edreams free cancelation_2

How does the free cancellation work?

After performing a search for your preferred flight, you’ll see the free cancellation service and the specific timeframe in the results page as in the screenshot above.

In order to cancel the booking within the allowed timeframe and request the full refund including service fees, you’ll need to call our Customer Service centre.

This service is not available for flights with low-cost airlines.

free cancellation edreams

If you have any questions about the free cancellation let us know in the comments.

15 responses to “Stay flexible with free cancellation

  1. I booked a flight through edremas with Lufthansa but i want to change the dates. Can someone help me how to proceed?

  2. Hi… I am Mohit Rai…! I booked my tickets CDG Paris to Kathmandu on 17 March 2018 but unfortunately I have to change the flights Date… Can anyone please tell me how can I do to chage my flight dates?

  3. Hi thanks for getting back to me.
    I was trying to book my holiday through the edreams app, but was having trouble so i called the number for assistance with my on the app
    The guy was trying to find the same price as what was on the app.we went through some time and prices He told me my total price was 2138.55 which turned out not to be what i paid. I all so gave him 2 codes for black fri and cyber mon On the app £405.?? what was shown with debit card pp same time
    When i rang up to question it as it show on bank statements was 522 pp i was told the rest was service charges which i was not adviced about.they told me he had giver us a service charges discounts from 60 to 35 Also there was 2 names spelt wrong on the booking which needed to be changed.that was my first phone call not even 24 h later as I phone China aw ad out assistance for my mum and seats the names should of been rebecca Louise green and joyce Margaret smith. Im unhappy that i have paid more than what i was told and shown on your app as I don’t understand why the breakdown was 41 pp tax 455 pp when flights was on app for less and that i might be charged for the 2 names that have been spelt incorrectly. Kind regards Brenden Smith

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