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One of the first things that comes to mind when you think of New York are its iconic yellow taxis…but what if they just changed?

Yes, it is true. Taxis in New York are in for a change of look. Here are all the details……

The existing 13,000 yellow cabs are to be phased out and replaced by the Nissan NV200 minivan, which promises to be more eco-friendly and offer a much more comfortable ride while reducing noise pollution at the same time.

These taxi vans have sliding doors which makes it easy for passengers with mobility problems to get into and out of the vehicle. Its transparent roof is also a new feature, which appeals particularly to tourists who will have a unique view of the city. Some of its other features include: independently controlled rear air conditioning; breathable, antimicrobial, environmentally friendly and easy-to-clean seat fabric that looks and feels like leather; a mobile charging station for passengers; and overhead reading lights for passengers, among others.

Phasing in of the new fleet will begin in 2013 and will take approximately five years. So if you want to get a photo with a yellow taxi there is still time to buy airline tickets to New York and see this symbol of the city.

The only thing that will change is the brand and model of the taxis- the colour will remain the same. The most important thing is that they are safer and much more efficient. It won’t be long until they are accepted by all, not as the Taxi of Tomorrow, but as the Taxi of Today.

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