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Even if you haven’t been to Los Angeles the city may seem oddly familiar, the product of countless films and books which have shaped the image of a city in the world’s collective unconscious.

The glitz and glam of Hollywood we know, but do its 45.5 million annual visitors think that’s all the city has to offer?

Here are 11 reasons to go to Los Angeles.

The Average January Temperature is 19.5 °C

OK, we didn’t really have to tell you about the Mediterranean climate that receives only about 35 days of measurable precipitation annually – but it would be tough to ignore the weather as being one of LA’s most attractive qualities.

an aerial view of the LA skyline
@ellezun via Instagram

The People Watching is Ridiculous

What might be considered totally unacceptable in small towns in the Midwest is commonplace in LA, making it an attractive moving destination for the country’s actors, musicians, freaks, geeks, and all around dreamers. Keep a camera at the ready.

a person wearing a spiderman costume riding an escalator
@ellisaiels via Instagram

The Abundance of Theme Parks

From Disneyland to Knott’s Berry Farm to Universal Studios to Magic Mountain adrenaline junkies, joy seekers, and film buffs alike will be spoiled for choice at over a dozen theme parks.

a rollercoaster ride at six flags los angeles
@sixflagsmagicmountain via Instagram

You Really Really Like Driving

Perhaps no city in the world shows a greater example of urban sprawl than the Los Angeles area.

The great distances between destinations combined with an American love affair with automobile transport means you’ll rack up miles on some of the most spectacular (and busy) freeways in the world.

a motorway traffic jam in LA
@rickys_slr via Instagram

You’re a Sucker for Mexican Food

It’s said that there are more than 2 million Mexicans living in LA County and it’s hardly conceivable that this massive diaspora would tolerate the type of Tex-Mex fluff served up by national chains like Taco Bell. It’s probably the best spot outside Mexico to indulge in authenticity.

a fish taco plate with lime
@omceats via Instagram

You’re a Sports Nut

You didn’t think Beckham went to LA for the cash did you? Well, maybe 😉

With 8 teams spanning the five major North American professional sports leagues (MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, MLS) there’s hardly a night that passes without some sort of world class sports action.

kobe bryant drives to the hoop
@lakers via Instagram

The Mythical Vegas Road Trip

Who wouldn’t want to create their own little version of The Hangover? 26 percent of Las Vegas’ tourism visits come from Southern California which makes this 263 mile drive more than just mythical.

The desert scenery and Breaking Bad-esque empty expanse is something to write home about, provided you can afford pen and paper after your night at the craps table.

a lonely highway in the california desert
@taramadisso via Instagram

You Might Cash in on a Paparazzi Shot

It’s well documented that Los Angeles is the entertainment capital of the world making it the most probable place on earth to catch celebrity slip ups. You just might win back your Vegas losses with one crafty submission to TMZ.

a justin bieber paparazzi shot
@tmz_tv via Instagram

You’re a Fast Food Freak

It’s no secret that LA is to fast food what Italy is to slow food and here you’ll find a practically innumerable amount of chains serving anything under the sun, for better or for worse.

Americans countrywide yearn for burger chain In-N-Out Burger to pop up in their towns but the business remains almost exclusively west coast.

two in n out burgers

There Are Tons of Beaches

Another poorly kept secret is the fact you can find coastal escapes to suit your mood at any point in LA’s 30 miles of beaches. You’ll almost forget you’re smack in the middle of a metropolis of more than 12 million people.

the coast of hermosa beach
@justahuggablecow via Instagram

The Other Venice

After being founded as a seaside resort town Venice Beach never even became a part of Los Angeles until the 1920’s. Today it’s Southern California’s number one visitor attraction and is famous for it’s street vendors, performers, arts and crafts, and beautifully manicured beaches.

the venice beach sign
@taramadisso via Instagram

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