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Last January, the island of Nassau in the Bahamas experienced a 13% growth in tourism from 2014’s visitors for a grand visitation total of of 74,361. The island’s hotels also increased their occupancy by 7%. So, what’s the deal with Bahamas anyway, and why are  so many travellers spending their holiday in the Bahamas? Great question – let’s find out!

Why visit the Bahamas?


Basically, there’s warm weather, natural beauty, great shopping deals and a wide range of activities. Most travellers visit the Bahamas to enjoy the thrills and comforts of the big all-inclusive resorts with their on-site activities. The nature lovers enjoy exploring the beautiful reefs and wildlife preserves and bargain-hunters really enjoy the duty-free shops!

Although the island country consists of more than 700 islands, most tourists stay at Nassau, where they’ll find up-scale resorts, head northwest to Grand Bahama where they can be near a center of eco-tourism or stay at the Outer Islands to enjoy a simpler style of life.

When to visit the islands:

Bahamas beach

The weather in the Bahamas is consistent with temperatures between 32ºC (90ºF) from March to November and 17ºC (63ºF) in December and January. The rainy season sets in between May and November, making it the area’s off-season, but also the best time to get great deals (up to 60% off!) and enjoy the area with fewer crowds. The only downfall to visiting during the off months is that some of the outer islands are subject to be closed.  Hurricane seasons can also threaten to  put a damper on anyone’s vacation – that season starts in June and can last up until October.

Things to do in the Bahamas:

Whether you’re planning to lay on the beach all day, party all night or just  indulge in the cultural heritage of the island, there’s a plan for everyone in the Bahamas!


bahamas pigs

The two of the most popular white-sand beaches among travellers are the spectacular Cable Beach and Cabbage Beach. Also, if you head over to the Big Major Cay Island, you’ll find a beach that’s home to dozens of adorable, friendly pigs that just love to welcome tourists.



The best place to see some of the islands wildlife is at the Inagua National Park, where you’ll also find the world’s largest flock of Flamingos! You can also go fishing on the island of Bimini, hike at the Lucayan Cavers in Grand Bahama or go snorkelling or diving and explore one of the islands’ many spectacular coral reefs.

Sports & Leisure

Photo by aquaviews.net

If you’re more of the sporty type, you can go golfing, swim with the sharks and dolphins or check out the greatness that is the  Atlantis Resort’s waterpark on Paradise Island!

Historic Attractions

Photo by solvedandunsolved via Instagram
Photo by solvedandunsolved via Instagram

There are a lot of historic sites to discover around Nassau. Some of the best sites include the Christ Church Cathedral, the Pirates of Nassau Museum and the underwater rock formations called “Bimini Road” found in the north of Bimini island. These formations are said to be the remnants of the lost city of Atlantis!


Photo by  Visitgbi via Instagram
Photo by Visitgbi via Instagram

There are duty-free shops all around the Bahamas, but we recommend visiting Port Lucaya Marketplace at Grand Bahama, or the waterfront bay street at New Providence’s island.



If you’re up for a wild night out, why not go island-hopping! The best places to go (especially during the high season) are Cable beach at New Providence Island or the small Paradise Island near Nassau. But if you’re looking for a smaller crowd, you can also check out the Casino at Atlantis Resort at Paradise Island.

Now that you know what you can look forward to on a holiday to the Bahamas, all that’s left to do is book a flight and enjoy!

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