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For Americans, this weekend is the celebration of Fourth of July, or Independence Day, the day that commemorates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. In the United States, this holiday is revered and very celebrated with iconic hues of red, white and blue on everything, great BBQs, majestic displays of fireworks and large celebrations among friends and family.

And who doesn’t love a great party? In honor of the upcoming holiday, here are just a few reasons to join in on the Fourth of July celebration.

Timing is perfect

Summertime beach
Photo by Nattu via Flickr

There’s no time like the summer time to enjoy a great party! In USA, this party often includes a celebration at the beach with friends and family.

Red, White and Blue

Puppy in red white and blue
Photo by Randy Robertson via flickr

The patriotism on this day is admirable and fun! From desserts, to attire, decorations and even the littlest canine friends– it’s all red, white and blue. Let the party begin!

For the holiday’s significance

Freedom - Independence day
Photo by Vinoth Chandar via Flickr

Apart from celebrating their independence, this holiday also serves as a reminder of the history and traditions of the United States, which also includes the efforts made to fight for human rights and freedom for all.

Reasons to Grill

Fourth of July grill
Photo by Samuel Barnes via flickr

A proper Fourth of July party is not complete without a BBQ. Grilled vegetables, hot dogs, burgers, whatever you’d like to grill is game. After all, there’s something about a grill, surrounded by friends and family and cool drinks that makes meals and celebrations taste better.

It’s so sweet!

Independence Day sweets
Photo by Ginny via Flickr

No celebration is complete without a bit of dessert. Independence Day is no different – blueberries, strawberries, cupcakes, and so many more! It’s such a sweet way to celebrate a great holiday. And the selection is usually very hard to resist.

The night sparkles

Fourth of July Fireworks
Photo by Tim Hamilton via Flickr

We’ve saved the best for last – fireworks! Seeing the night sky lit up with fireworks is a sight to see. The beauty and sensation of pride and respect felt at this moment is truly special and worth experiencing.

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